Women who took six full bags from food charity ‘have no shame’

There was universal condemnation for two women who helped themselves to bags of food which was donated to help the needy.

The ECHO reported how the pair were barred after staff allegedly saw them filling carrier bags of donated goods "six times in one day".

The two women were captured on CCTV, on Saturday afternoon, at Newton Deli on Wargrave Road in Newton-le-Willows.

In the footage, the women appear to fill up bags with donated canned food, at the Newton Community Fridge – an initiative aimed at helping those in food poverty.

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However staff claim the women returned to the store "six times in one day" each time filling multiple carrier bags – which has now led suspicious staff to ban them from the store.

Staff at Newton Deli, who run the Community Fridge, say they have been inundated with requests from families struggling due to the economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

The community fridge is stocked using donations from local supermarkets, donations from local residents and from the business itself, who have put several thousands of pounds of their own money into the initiative.

It is not the same as a food bank as no checks are in place and anyone can go in and take what they need. But it relies on people being honest and not abusing the service.

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These are some of the comments left by ECHO readers after we ran the story yesterday.

Jan Campbell-Hague said: "This was always going to happen. Sadly some people have absolutely no shame in taking food from the poorest in our society."

Thomas Johnston said: "Unfortunately there are people who will take advantage of any situation these days."

Cassie Laurence said: "And there's people who need help, too proud to ask."

Constance43 said: "They give people who are genuinely destitute a bad name and make a mockery of the good work volunteers and local community groups do."

Retrogal said: "Infuriating that there’s always some who will ruin it for those who truly need it. Why were they allowed to get away with it?"

JJ1980 said: "Taking from those who need it most is pretty hard faced."

Anubis said: "Sad but true FREE will always be abused, even more so when not policed properly."