Woman who believes her ‘one job’ to ‘be a mum’ seeks last chance

A couple who "would do anything" to have children are now in a race against time to raise money for IVF treatment.

Ashleigh Evans, 29, and her fiance John While, 30, from Liscard, Wallasey, have been engaged for four years now and have been trying for babies for a long time.

But back in February they received the devastating news that they couldn't naturally conceive.

Since then, Ashleigh has undergone two courses of IVF treatment on the NHS – on the first occasion, the egg fragmented, and on the second she produced no eggs. Tests showed she had fewer eggs available as she has low AMH or Diminishing Ovarian Reserve.

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IVF treatment on the NHS is limited, and the couple say they have been informed that for any chance of success they would need an egg donor, which would have to be funded privately and comes to £7,000.

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An added complication is that low AMH means Ashleigh is running out of time to give birth.

Ashleigh said she had always wanted children because she comes from a large family herself.

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She said: "I'm the eldest of six, and I'm the eldest grand-daughter out of 23 grandchildren.

"I've been working with children since I was 17, looking after other children in a nursery.

"I believe that when you're put on earth as a female, you've got one job, and that's to reproduce and be a mum.

Ashleigh Evans pictured with fiance John While

A fundraising page has now been set up to help the couple raise the money needed to undergo the treatment.

Ashleigh said: "I've been overwhelmed by everyone's support and donations. It means the world to both of us."

Her cousin Jade, who set up the fundraising appeal, said: "Ashleigh and John have dreamt of a big family and now would be happy and blessed to even have one child of their own.

"Unfortunately due to Covid-19, they have experienced a huge delay and excruciating stress over this diagnosis and how to raise funds quickly.

"Ashleigh and John have been in a stable relationship for eight years, engaged for four years, and have their own home together, but are missing the final part of their chapter.

"Ashleigh has worked looking after children for 13 years and would do anything to be a mum, and John would love nothing more than to have a family with her."