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Wirral residents say roads are ‘unacceptable’ after resurfacing works


Nov 8, 2023

OUTRAGED residents have described their street as looking like “mud” after it was resurfaced.


Every year, the council invests in Wirral’s roads to repair and treat those that are most affected to "make sure that residents can continue to use them safely".

Wirral Council confirmed that nearly £6m is being spent this year to repair and treat more than 130 roads or road sections for the 2023 maintenance programme, with each receiving the "most appropriate treatment type".

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Residents on Cameron Road in Leasowe have described the road as looking like mud (Image: Alan Gilfoyle)

However, those living on Cameron Road in Leasowe, say they have been left with “uneven” tarmac that “resembles mud” during the resurfacing work.

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Resident, Alan Gilfoyle, told the Globe: “Works started on Monday morning at around 8am and the workers had left by lunchtime.

“They are working their way around the whole estate and every road is the same. It’s been done to a very poor standard. Surely this isn’t acceptable?”

Images of the road were shared on social media which was met by outrage from other residents across the borough.

The finished road resurfaced road (Image: Alan Gilfoyle)

One person said: “Had all our roads done off Poulton Road two weeks ago it’s coming off already.”

A second said: “Yeah Devereaux Drive they done an absolutely terrible job, it’s a mess and pieces flying off. What an absolute waste of money resurfacing it that was.”

A third person commented: “It's the same outside my house off Poulton. Missing patches all over. Bloody mess.”

Another added: “We had this done in our road a year ago off Withens Lane. I was appalled. It looked so cheap and scruffy. But I have to say it’s still ok. It has weathered into a less glaring colour and seems good still. Let's hope yours is the same.”

One person said: “They did my road last week and looks worse now than it did before.”

Another person commented: “Who is signing off the work as satisfactory? Down the road from me, they actually tarmacked around a parked car. Does anyone really think this work should be paid for?”

Another said: “Seems they are travelling around the Wirral defacing the roads, did some in West Kirby last week utter disgrace.”

The resurfaced road on Cameron Road in Leasowe (Image: Alan Gilfoyle)

Wirral Council said the resurfacing works in the area have been completed using a treatment called “Micro Asphalt”.

Micro Asphalt, mostly used on local roads, is a treatment laid over the existing surface to restore some profile and extend the surface life, and usually lasts for 10 plus years depending on road use.

A spokesperson for Wirral Council said: “This is a surfacing work called micro-asphalt. It is normal for it to look rough when first laid, it takes time and traffic to cure and fully bed-in. Over the next four to 12 weeks, the road surface will lighten in colour, firm up and become smooth.

“We are currently surfacing all the roads in this area. As part of the process, we will monitor the roads over the next few weeks and take any action that might become necessary. Iron work – gullies and inspection covers – are lifted between two and three weeks after the surfacing, and after that, the road markings will be going on.”

To see the full list of roads in this year's maintenance programme, visit the council's website.

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