• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

Wirral promenade described as ‘black hole’ due to broken streetlights


Nov 7, 2023

RESIDENTS have called on the council to fix the streetlights along a Wirral promenade due to concerns about safety.


Wirral Council confirmed it had identified a “major cable fault” that was affecting the streetlights along Egremont Promenade and Maddock Road.

Locals described the route as being a “black hole” and an “abyss” stating that they couldn’t see where they were going while trying to walk along the promenade.

Residents have described Egremont Promenade as being an abyss due to their being no working streetlights (Image: Facebook)

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One resident said: “The black hole of the promenade. It was like this last winter too. The first lamp is just past Manor Lane, the second lamp has only just recently been turned on, then it's like a abyss until you get by Gibson House. Not good, not safe and you can't see what you walking in.

“Yesterday I braved the Abyss of Egremont Promenade to complete an 8k run and headed to Seacombe Ferry and it's even worse down there, no lights at all from just before the tunnel vents till you get to the terminal. I had to then walk with my phone torch on because I nearly went over on my ankle because I didn't see a crack in the pavement.

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An example of the darkness along the prom (Image: Facebook)

“Seacombe Ferry well lit up itself but as you go through to the other side, again no street lamps on at all. No way was I going any further. Not good, not good at all! Won't be doing that way again in the darkness.”

Wirral Council confirmed that an investigation has been taking place.

Cllr Liz Grey, chair of the Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee, said: "The council has been investigating the issue with street lights in this area and the lighting team have identified a major cable fault affecting a number of lighting columns along the promenade and Maddock Road.

"We are currently in discussions with Scottish Power Energy Networks to progress repairs as soon as possible.”

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