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Wirral Met students partner with Floral Pavilion for project


Nov 21, 2023

TRAVEL and Tourism students from Wirral Met College have embarked on an exciting partnership with the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton.

Under this programme, students will become Wirral Met Ambassadors for the theatre, contributing their time and effort by volunteering for two shifts a month.

The theatre, known for its "vibrant performances and cultural significance", has a seasoned team of volunteers who will provide training to the students, covering various operational roles such as ticket scanning and the selling of brochures.

This initiative is geared towards identifying and nurturing fresh talent while providing valuable hands-on experience within the theatre industry.

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This first intake of students by the theatre will mould how the ambassador scheme looks in the future before it is rolled out to a larger cohort of student volunteers.

The programme will give students an opportunity to develop skills in customer service, working front of house, as well as gaining experience across specialist theatre departments, learning about the industry and expanding their knowledge beyond conventional classroom settings. This initiative aligns with the college's commitment to evaluating students' learning experiences in real-world settings, providing them with an educational journey. Reading, Basingstoke, Berkshire

Pauline Campbell, the Venue Manager at Floral Pavilion, said: "We are very excited to be partnering with Wirral Met on the student ambassador scheme.

"Real experience is so important for making informed career decisions and developing skills which can set the students up for the next step in their journey.

"We are hopeful that this will give the students an insight into the entertainment industry and help mould the next generation of theatre and events professionals."

The initiative kicked off with Wirral Met College students welcoming guests to the recent ballet production of The Nutcracker during their first shift at the theatre.

Students will also be actively participating in supporting the theatre during its busy pantomime season, contributing their skills to ensure the success of these festive performances.

This programme forms part of Wirral Met’s community project initiative, spanning across all curriculum areas at the college, in which students are engaging in diverse community-based activities aligned with their studies.

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