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Wirral couple celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary


Nov 8, 2023

A FORMER Wirral scout leader and guide captain who met on the day of a parade almost 70 years ago celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary today (Wednesday, November 8).

Janet and Victor Kennedy, who live in Upton, will celebrate the special milestone with family.

Looking back on 65 years of marriage – or the Blue Sapphire anniversary as it is known – Janet, 85, told the Globe said it was "Incredible really", adding: "We never thought we’d be celebrating our 65th, but you don’t think about it at the time. You get married, bring up your family and just live your life."

Janet was aged 17 and Victor was 22 when they met in 1954. They were married on November 8, 1958 at English Martyrs in Wallasey Village.

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Recalling the day they met, Janet explained: “We met through the Girl Guides and Scouts Association on the day of a St George’s Day Parade. Vic was Rover Scout leader at time and I was a Guide Captain.

“I couldn’t go that day, but my cousin, who ran the Guides with me in Wallasey, went along and came back and said ‘ooh, I’ve met this man who I think you should meet’. Reading, Basingstoke, Berkshire

“So we went to their headquarters which were in Claughton Village and met up with them. She subsequently married one of the other Rover Scouts and I ended up marrying Victor.”

Janet and Victor Kennedy with cake-cutting picture from wedding day, November 8, 1958 at English Martyrs in Wallasey Village (Image: Craig Manning / Newsquest)Asked what the secret of a long and happy marriage was, Janet continued: "I don't know. You have your ups and downs – everybody does – but you just come out the other side somehow and continue. We look out for one another.

"A lot depends on your temperament. I can be fiery, but once I’ve said what I’ve got to say, that’s it."

Victor and Janet Kennedy on their wedding day, November 8, 1958 at English Martyrs in Wallasey Village (Image: courtesy of Janet and Victor Kennedy)

Victor, 89, who is originally from Birkenhead, said: “We’re as different as chalk and cheese really, sometimes. It’s one of those things really, you learn to live with it. Every day’s another day.”

Victor and Janet Kennedy cut the cake on their wedding day, November 8, 1958 (Image: courtesy of Victor and Janet Kennedy)After leaving school, Janet went into nursing, training at Clatterbridge. Then got married, had children and went back to nursing once her children started school.

Victor was an engineer, who served his apprenticeship at Cammell Lairds in the engine shop and left when he was 23. Then went to Bibby Line and a number of shipping companies, including Kuwait Shipping Company (which became United Arab Shipping Company) and was away for months at a time.

He was later made redundant and ended up working for a friend’s engineering firm in 1986, moving from Wirral to Nottingham.

In Nottingham, Janet moved in General Practice and became a Nurse Practitioner. After retirement Janet and Victor France after retirement and lived there for 17 years.

The couple have three children, three grandchildren and 'two great-grandchildren on the way'.

Ian, the eldest son works in IT. Helen, the eldest girl, went into the civil service after leaving school and then trained as nurse – working at Clatterbridge and Arrowe Park. She subsequently became associate professor of nursing at Leeds University.

Youngest daughter Moira went into textile management and ended up in the cabinet office.

A very happy anniversary to Janet and Victor from all at the Wirral Globe 🎉

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