Travellers leave piles of rubbish on field after ‘birthday party’

Travellers have left behind piles of rubbish on a field after appearing to have celebrated a birthday party.

Dozens of caravans had occupied Brotherton Park and Dibbinsdale Local Nature Reserve which is next to Woodslee Primary School in Wirral.

Yesterday, they moved off the site after an intervention from council officers but appear to have left their litter strewn across the grass.

Photographs show piles of rubbish on the site which appears to look like leftovers from a child's birthday party.

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A plastic bag left on the field contained a box with the message on it "Happy 2nd birthday Maryellen" as well as a large banner with the same message left lying on the field.

The debris left scattered included balloons, boxes of chocolates and sweets, plastic forks, and dozens of empty bags of Quavers.

Brotherton Park and Dibbinsdale Local Nature Reserve after travellers appear to have celebrated a child's birthday

There also appears to be a half-eaten birthday cake which looks like it has been smeared under the wheels of a vehicle.

More abandoned bags of rubbish were also found in the undergrowth.

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This is the second site the group of travellers have been forced to leave in the last few days.

Brotherton Park is less than one mile from Spital station, where it is understood the caravans gathered on Friday evening.

More rubbish had been left in the undergrowth

According to reports, the mobile homes left the Merseyrail station on Sunday evening, before relocating to the field.

Wirral Council confirmed that the field near Woodslee Primary School has now been vacated by the travellers.

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In June, caravans parked in New Brighton sparked fears that chaotic scenes seen at a similar camp two years ago could be recreated.

Travellers had parked two caravans at The Dips but they left following “swift action” locally.

There had been fears that this small camp could grow, after a much larger number of caravans set up camp at The Dips in 2018.

The government is currently considering new measures to allow local authorities and the police to deal with “unauthorised encampments” more easily.

Travellers' rights groups have consistently said the community faces discrimination within the UK and have called for changes in the way travellers are treated by police, local authorities and government.