Tragic story behind Liverpool fan’s incredible back garden mural

A Liverpool FC superfan has shared the tragedy behind his decision to commission a stunning and enormous Jordan Henderson mural on his garden wall.

Dave Kerruish, 50, now looks out on a striking scene depicting the Liverpool captain raising the Premier League trophy alongside the caption: "We always believed."

Civil servant Dave called on the services of street artist Akse, the brains behind the three storey mural of home-town hero Trent Alexander-Arnold in Anfield and another of Jurgen Klopp in the Baltic quarter.

Dave and his family are now able to enjoy a private audience with Henderson while relaxing in their garden after Akse completed the job in just three days.

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But the idea for the bold artwork is steeped in grief, after Dave lost both his parents only weeks apart at the end of 2019.

His mum, Ann, passed away after a fight with cancer in October while dad and fellow Reds fanatic John died after a fall at his home in November.

Dave told the ECHO: "Me and my dad were big Liverpool fans. We sat next to each other at Anfield for 30 odd years.

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"We used to talk about winning the league, we would say 'maybe next year' and 'maybe next year'.

"When he died I was just about starting to believe the 30 year wait was over, although he still thought you couldn't rule out Man City.

"I am in his house now, and one day me and my wife were sat in the garden, staring at this blank wall, and I said 'we need to get that wall painted'.

A mural depicting Liverpool FC captain Jordan Henderson lifting the Premier League trophy, painted in the back garden of super-fan Dave Kerruish

"It just went from there really.

"I said lets do something else, and I looked up who did the Trent Alexander-Arnold mural and I tweeted him.

"He sent me his email address, and we got talking, and I sent him the measurements."

After a delay due to lockdown, Akse travelled from his base in Manchester to Dave's home in north Liverpool and completed the work last week – even after continuing to paint through the rain.

He said: "When it was done me and my wife just sat in the garden staring at it."

Dave said he "had a wobble" when Liverpool secured the title for the first time in 30 years, but said his dad was not one to dwell on tragedy.

Ann and John, the late parents of Liverpool super-fan Dave Kerruish

He said: "I didn't want to make it as a memorial or anything like that, I wanted to look at that wall and remember me and my dad going the match.

"He's made me like that, of course it has been difficult, but when I get upset I think to myself my dad would be saying 'come on son, you can't dwell'.

"Every day is a new day; I'm still here, I have got two kids and my wife and I have got to get on with it for them."

Although the moment Henderson lifted the trophy is now immortalised on the wall, Dave also got to enjoy a personal chat with the Anfield legend earlier this year.

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Henderson had been due to meet Dave in person, but after the coronavirus scuppered that plan a special video call was arranged.

Club partners NIVEA MEN set the call up after Dave's sister Chris and wife Angela shared his heartbreaking story with LFC.

After Chris tricked the unsuspecting Dave into appearing on the call, the Reds fanatic wiped a tear away as Henderson asked how he had been coping.

David replied in shock: “Yeah, not bad thanks, Jordan. It is just at the match we haven’t been at the match for a few weeks obviously but at the match that is when I miss him most because we sat together for so long.

“The day before he died I shook hands with him and said ‘See you tomorrow when I pick you up for City’. I said ‘It is going to be this year, it is going to be this year’. He’d be like ‘I don’t know City are probably still the team’.

“Ever since that day we’ve flown. As made up as I am I sometimes think I wish my dad could see this.”

Dave Kerruish on a surprise video call with Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson

He continued: “All my family tried to get me a ticket to Madrid and I managed to get a ticket the week before and I gave it to my dad, and then obviously with what’s happened it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

“Not a day goes by. It’s been hard but football gives you that release and when we sing You’ll Never Walk Alone I look to my right and I can kind of feel my dad with me but no-one can explain how you are going to feel until it happens.”

The skipper responded: “I am really sorry to hear that but just try and stay as positive as you can. I know at the minute it is so difficult in the times that we are in. But hopefully when we get back on the pitch we can put a smile on your face.”

David said: “You’ve already put a smile on my face. I can’t believe this. This is mad. These things don’t happen to me.”