Three hour queues in Bebington as tip reopens

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Queues of over three hours have been tailing back around Bebington Waste and Recycling centre today after Wirral's tips reopened for the first time since lockdown.

Site staff confirmed that queues stretched back down Mount Road from first thing this morning as residents seized the opportunity to get shut of household and garden waste that has built up over the past seven weeks.

The scene at midday was not quite as perilous, but drivers were still being warned on arrival that they should be prepared to queue for three hours minimum.

The Globe spoke to Theresa and Barry Liversage from Spital Road, who had been queueing for two hours 45 minutes and were expecting to continue to do so for at least another hour.

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Wirral Globe: Cars that had queued to this point in Bebington had already been at the waste and recycling centre for well over two hours. Photo: Richard GarnettCars that had queued to this point in Bebington had already been at the waste and recycling centre for well over two hours. Photo: Richard Garnett

Mr Liversage said: "We're getting rid of garden waste. It's just been annoying us, moulding away, but I didn't expect it to be like this."

Mrs Liversage added: "I was concerned that we might have to pay someone to take it away but I was more concerned that it might end up getting fly-tipped anyway, so we waited and came today.

"These guys (site staff) have been very good, telling us to keep the cars close but making sure people observed social distancing.

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"I had to get out of our car at one point and I even saw somebody washing their car!"

"We've used our time in lockdown productively, doing a lot of gardening, but now we need to get rid of it all."

Site staff advised that about 100 cars were queueing out of the recycling centre and back down as far as the Clatterbridge roundabout when the tip opened at 8am.

The Globe spoke to worker Danny, who has been brought in as extra staff to help deal with traffic management at the site.

He said: "People have been very patient. They understand what the situation is and that we can only let so many cars in at once, so they have just been waiting.

"It's died down a bit now from what it was like this morning, but we could get an evening rush. I've heard that the Bidston tip is absolutely manic."

"The message is only come if you really need to. Clearly a lot of people having been doing gardening during the lockdown so we're seeing a lot of garden waste coming in today."

Other staff at the site said that two cars broke down in the queue after both getting flat batteries.

They also said that one person turned up on a mobility scooter with two sacks of garden waste and joined the queue on Mount Road.

After police insisted he couldn't stay there for safety reasons, site staff offered to take the waste off the man and dispose it for him later, which he only agreed to providing that he could get his bags back.