Thousands in Liverpool worried about easing lockdown too early

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Thousands of people across Liverpool have stated it is far to early to lift lockdown and many are worried about their safety.

Again and again, people said they are desperate for the restrictions to be over but only when it is safe to do so.

Hundreds also shared their views of people who were already ignoring the lockdown regulations and putting other people at risk.

In a poll of ECHO readers, 80% of people who voted said they believed it was too early to ease lockdown.

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At the time of publishing, almost 20,000 people had taken part to have their say with an overwhelming amount believing it was too early.

By 5pm on Thursday, 15,680 people answered yes with just 3,920 stating that it wasn't too early.

Boris Johnson is expected to announce some small tweaks to the restrictions on Sunday, but there are fears in local and national government that if too many people abandon the measures too soon there is a real risk of a catastrophic second spike of the virus.

Government guidelines say people should only be leaving home for essential shopping, work which cannot be done from home, medical provisions or to exercise.

Meanwhile health chiefs warn the infection rates in the city remain worryingly high.

Underneath the poll, hundreds of people had their say about the prospect of lockdown being eased.

David Arfon Hughes said: "Yes it's far to early.

"Yes of course I want all this to end and get back to normality BUT ONLY after I know all this is clear and it's safe for my family and myself.

"If we ease the lockdown now the second wave will be far worse than what we have seen."

Jayne Shaw also said: "I think it’s too early, too many people just not taking this serious.

"Let it ease too early, we will get a second wave – that’s just what I think.

"I understand what it’s doing to people's mental health, not earning and everything else, but we need to stay at home.

"Not everyone is.

"I am really scared of this virus for my kids and family. We haven’t been out in seven weeks, that’s how scared I am of this horrible virus."

Lesley Palin added: "We should only come out of lockdown when they announce that nobody has died of the coronavirus and not before.

"It’s better to be safe than sorry."

But some disagreed with the idea of extending lockdown.

Andy Alty said: "It is OK saying yes but what about people like me who don't get support while where off.

"We need to go back to work so we can feed our family and pay our bills.

"Not saying lift it completely, just slowly allowing people back into work."

John Brooker added: "We need to get back to normal ASAP.

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"People's lives and businesses are being destroyed by this lockdown.

Put a ring of steel around care homes and hospitals and let the healthy use common sense and get back to normal.

"What happens when we get over all this if another virus comes along? Do we do it all again? Impossible. There has to be another way."