• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

The Wirral clinic owner described as ‘chronic pain miracle worker’


Nov 9, 2023

A CHRONIC pain “miracle worker” has transformed the lives of hundreds of people suffering from a range of conditions.


Venard Fong, owner of The Venard Clinic in Bromborough, uses neurology techniques and methods to resolve pain and help his clients with conditions such as migraines, sciatica, and arthritis.

Venard uses an “integrated approach” to his healing including eyes and vision science, functional neurology, cranial work and gait repatterning

Venard told the Globe: “There have been so many profound case studies since I started in 2013 and it brings me so much satisfaction to know that I am giving people their lives back.

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“Chronic pain can be very debilitating but with us you don’t have to continue living this way and I always ask people — what would you do tomorrow if you were pain-free today?”

Venard offers clients a 30-minute video call to discuss issues before establishing if his work will be able to help. Clients then attend an in-person assessment session where he maps out why the pain is there, any likely causes, and what the outcome for improvements will be.

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Venard said: Treatments are bespoke for each individual. This is best suited for those who are serious about their goals and dreams and are ready to invest in themselves to regain their freedom and independence. This is also for those who want both results quickly that last without any unnecessary maintenance work, follow-ups or even having to do daily exercises to keep on top of the progress.

“Results can be as quick as within a few hours and countless clients have come forward to say this is and has been the best investment and worthwhile for their physical health. Many have even said not only have they saved tens of thousands of pounds on other treatments and therapies, but the time commitment they have spent on those sessions.”

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