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The top 10 cheapest places to buy petrol in Wirral


Nov 11, 2023

AS the price of petrol remains high, you may be wondering where the cheapest petrol stations in Wirral are.


On Tuesday, October 31, petrol across the UK averaged 154.5p a litre, having been at 157.1p on October 1, the AA said.

The motoring organisation RAC said that October brought to an end a four-month run of rising fuel prices, with the average price of petrol falling by 2p a litre during the month.

RAC says that diesel, which came down by a penny to 161.4p in October, is more expensive than it should be and should be selling for 156p a litre.

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They also have said that petrol should now cost around 145p a litre.

Here is a list of the top 10 cheapest petrol stations in Wirral this week (Source: PetrolPrices.com):

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  1. Asda Bromborough: 147.7p (unleaded) 156.7p (diesel)
  2. Shell Hoylake Road: 147.7p (unleaded) 155.7p (diesel)
  3. Sainsbury's Kings Road Bebington: 147.9p (unleaded) 156.9 (diesel)
  4. Texaco Old Chester Road: 148.9p (unleaded) 157.9p (diesel)
  5. Sainsbury's Upton: 148.9p (unleaded) 156.9p (diesel)
  6. Asda Arrowe Park Automat: 149.7p (unleaded) 156.7p (diesel)
  7. Sainsbury's Pensby Road Thingwall: 149.9p (unleaded) 156.9p (diesel)
  8. Sainsbury's Birkenhead: 149.9p (unleaded) 156.9p (diesel)
  9. BP New Chester Road: 149.9p (unleaded) 159.9p (diesel)
  10. Tesco, Bidston Moss: 149.9p (unleaded), 157.9p (diesel)
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