The man whose job is to make people millionaires in Merseyside

He's the man everybody is happy to answer their front door to and some would say has the best job in the world.

Camelot's Andy Carter, 47, Senior Winners' Advisor at the National Lottery has the responsibility to pay out lottery winners who scoop some of the biggest ever jackpots.

Not allowed to play the National Lottery himself, he says handing over big cheques to lucky winners is "the next best thing".

Over the last 14 years, Andy has handed out more than £2bn in prizes to winners – including millions of pounds across Merseyside and Cheshire.

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Just some of the lucky local winners have included: John and Patricia Gill, from Warrington, who won £1m on Christmas Day; Jason and Kelly Massey, from Runcorn, who won £1m; Ben and Leanne Woods, from Wirral, who scooped £2.4m and Tony Dodd, also from Wirral, who won £2.4m.

Last year alone, Andy paid out more than £300m.

Andy said: “People always dream of winning on The National Lottery but just think it will never happen to them.

"It is something which they believe always happens to someone else.

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“I’ve seen a whole range of emotions including big, strong ex-military tough guys reduced to tears of shock because they can’t get their head around their win.

"We’re giving people large amounts of money and it can literally turn their world upside down.”

A massive £75 billion in prize money has been paid out since The National Lottery launched in 1994.

Thanks to National Lottery players, up to £600m will now be used to support charities and organisations affected by the impact of coronavirus in the UK.

On average, Camelot generates around £30m every week for National Lottery-funded projects.

Around £41bn has now been raised and more than 565,000 individual grants have been made across the UK.

And Liverpool and Cheshire, it seems, are particularly “lottery lucky!”

In a recent survey by The National Lottery it was revealed Liverpool (L postcode) is the luckiest place to live in the North West.

More than 100 millionaires have been made in the area since The National Lottery began.

Andy’s role is, however, far more than just paying out the big cheques – he is still in contact with winners he paid out at the start of his career.

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He added: “Many of the winners become your friends, or as we say at Camelot, a part of the National Lottery family.

“The job is a lot more than just simply paying out the big cheque and, since I started this job in 2006, there’s so much more awareness of the emotional journey winners go on.

“Winning the lottery isn’t a linear process. A winner said to me the other day that they felt their first few months had passed them by.

“Now, six months on, they’ve accepted the changes and they’re loving it at last.

“I’ve greeted more than 2,000 winners now and to see a father walk into a room and tell his son they’ve won The National Lottery is a privilege.

“But my favourite moment is when a winner feels happy enough for their Winners’ Advisor to step back.

“It’s like a child leaving home. That really brings a lump to my throat.”