• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

“Suzie does the best nails and makeup – I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”


Nov 11, 2023

SUZIE Hough has been a beauty therapist for five years giving clients the perfect glow up whether it’s nails or makeup and beauty.


Suzie, who is 36, is the owner of Nails and Beauty By Suzie, which is based inside Leona Ashleigh Beauty on Church Road.

Here in our latest Meet The Salon Owner feature, Suzie tells us why she wanted to be part of the beauty industry and why she wants to teach the next generation of beauty therapists and technicians.

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Nails and Beauty By Suzie Hough

Nails and Beauty By Suzie Hough

What’s the name of the salon/business?

allbinsskiphire.co.uk Reading, Basingstoke, Berkshire

Nails and Beauty By Suzie

What’s the address?

Leona Ashleigh Beauty, 223 Church Road, Tranmere, CH42 0LD

Are you the owner/manager?

No, I rent a chair within Leona Ashleigh Beauty salon.

How many employees do you have?

There are three of us altogether that work here – myself, Leona and Fiona.

Suzie provides all nail treatments including acrylic, builder and gel nails

Suzie provides all nail treatments including acrylic, builder and gel nails

When did you open the salon?

I started working in Leona Ashleigh Beauty in December 2018.

Has it always been in the same location?

Before starting work in Leona Ashleigh Beauty, I was working in a salon in Bebington, but due to professional differences between me and the salon owner, I decided it was time to go it alone. I wanted to start my own self-employment journey.

Are you local to the area? Did you grow up here?

Yes, me and my family have lived in Tranmere all my life, and my parents have lived in the area for more than 40 years.

Tell me a bit about your salon/business. What do you do? What services do you provide?

I provide all nail treatments including acrylic, builder and gel nails, and makeup services. I am also a bridal makeup specialist. Lastly, I offer beauty treatments such as brow lamination and micro-needling facials.

Why did you decide to open your own salon?

I decided to go self-employed as I knew I had a loyal following and I wanted to make something of myself.

Suzie specialises in bridal makeup

Suzie specialises in bridal makeup

What’s your hair and beauty background?

After I left Rock Ferry High School in 2003, I went to college to gain my NVQ levels 2 and 3 in beauty therapy and nails. I then went back to complete my NVQ level 3 in makeup. I have been in the industry for more than 15 years.


Leona Ashleigh Beauty: Meet The Salon Owner with two successful businesses

Why this type of business?

I have always loved doing makeup and nails, from the early days in my teens going to friends’ houses before a night out to Birkenhead or Liverpool. The girls would ask me to do all their eye makeup, so we all used to go out looking the same! I would use a three-coloured eye shadow and we’d all have smokey eyes!

Were you open before/during/after the Covid-19 pandemic? How did this affect your business?

During lockdown, we had to close the salon for the best part of a year. I had some time off but then I took it upon myself to get a job, as I don’t like sitting round doing nothing. I managed to get a job in a local call centre for a few months before we were allowed to reopen the salon.

What makes your business different to others in the same area/field? What sets your business apart from your competitors?

I offer competitive rates and I will always do my best to fit my clients in either early mornings or late nights – even on my days off. We are a very friendly and welcoming salon and we will always go the extra mile for our clients. With our combined years of knowledge and going on new training courses to keep up to date with the latest trends, we can always offer our clients the best service possible.

Suzie has been in the beauty industry for five years

Suzie has been in the beauty industry for five years

Why do loyal clients return to your business?

I class all my clients as friends. We all get on brilliantly and they understand my humour as I do theirs.

Here is some client feedback:

Colette Griffiths said: “Suzie is the best! I wouldn’t go anywhere else and I guarantee she will have you laughing.”

Immy Wilson said: “Absolutely amazing makeup that lasts all day and night. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Ellie Done said: “Suzie has been my nail tech for years. I always look forward to my appointments and a catch up.”

What’s next? What do the next few months hold for you and your salon?

I plan to continue to run my successful business and I am also attending the amazing North West Training College to complete my teaching qualification, so I can go on to teach further down the line.

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