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Stranger spotted dad and baby in the rain and ‘couldn’t drive past’


Nov 8, 2023

A nameless "saviour" came to the rescue of Daniel Mason and his baby daughter when they found themselves stranded at the side of the M53.


Dan Mason and his 16-month-old daughter, Molly, were on the way home to Bidston after attending taekwondo together when they found themselves in a spot of trouble on the motorway. He said: "I had a tyre blowout so I had to pull over onto the hard shoulder."

After ringing a rescue service, Dan waited for an hour on the side of the busy motorway for help changing his tyre. He stood on the hard shoulder clutching onto Molly in the rain. The 37-year-old said: "If I was on my own it wouldn't be scary and I would've changed the tyre myself. Being with Molly was scary holding her so close to the cars. I was scared of a wagon clipping the car."


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Luckily for the pair; help came in the form of a man who Dan describes as his "saviour." He said: "The man was going in the opposite direction towards Chester when he saw me on the side of the motorway he turned around to help me. At first he just offered to take me for a coffee but when he saw I was waiting for a tyre change he offered to do it."

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The man was heading towards Chester when he turned around to help Dan

Dan says the reason the man stopped was because he didn't want to see a man and his baby stranded on the side of the road. Within 20 minutes the tyre was changed and the men parted ways. Dan said: "To be honest I couldn't hear what he was saying; it was so noisy and we both just wanted to get on our way."

While he did manage to shout thank you, Dan never found out the name of his rescuer but now he wants to find him to thank. The dad said: "I'd like to thank him personally if I get the chance. If I do get to see him again I'd like to give him some beers."

If you are the man who stopped to help Dan and baby Molly on the side of the M53 get in touch with the ECHO at news@liverpool.com.

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