Spurned lover sleeping on sofa hurled partner over TV stand

A spurned lover who had been sleeping on the sofa for nine weeks threw his partner over a TV stand.

Daniel Bracken, 36, had been approved for a new flat and wanted to drink and celebrate with his then girlfriend, Karen Hampson.

However, when she said she did not want to, he became abusive and lashed out.

His defence solicitor claimed in court that although Bracken had thrown his girlfriend over the TV unit, he had in the past bought expensive holidays for both of them.

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Bracken, of Hobart Drive, Kirkby, appeared at Liverpool Magistrates' Court yesterday (July 21) and admitted assaulting his partner on May 4, 2020.

Ayra Ali, prosecuting, explained that Bracken arrived at Ms Hampson's home at around 5pm after going to view a property.

She said: "He wanted to celebrate but she didn't want to and he became aggressive. She rang his sister to come and take him home and he became upset and told her she was causing trouble."

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Ms Hampson went upstairs and heard Bracken struggling up and down the stairs while drunk.

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She went for a walk and returned around 20 minutes later to find water all over the floor and one of the worktops broken.

Ms Hampson confronted Bracken and he claimed he had nothing to do it, at which point she called Bracken's sister asking her to come and pick him up.

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She also attempted to call police but he dived at her, grabbing her arms and throwing her on the couch.

Ms Hampson screamed at him to "get off her" at which point he grabbed her again and threw her over a TV unit, causing him to fall over as he did.

Bracken has no previous convictions, the court heard.

Steve Charters, defending, explained that over the course of a five-year relationship there had been no reports of any similar incidents.

He said: "He has given everything to this relationship."

Mr Charters stated that in the last few years the pair had begun to drift apart as he wanted to have a healthier lifestyle and had become more active.

The court heard how Bracken, a self-employed butcher, was happy to buy expensive holidays and had spent the "best part of £5,000" on a trip.

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However, due to difficulties between the pair, he had been sleeping on the sofa for the "best part of nine weeks" as the relationship started to deteriorate.

Since the incident, the relationship has broken down, he told the court, but on this occasion it "all came to a head".

Mr Charters explained Bracken has "genuine remorse" for his actions, is "mortified" and "ashamed".

After admitting assault by beating, the 36-year-old was ordered to complete 20 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days and was ordered to pay £520.

A restraining order preventing Bracken from contacting his ex was also put in place.