Vector Consumer, a consumer health start-up based in the North West, launches SOLV., its own beauty brand designed for Gen Z and younger Millennials. SOLV. targets the on-the-go consumers who are defined by what they stand for, are social media obsessed and trend leaders.  

SOLV. offers premium beauty formulations at an affordable price point and targeted to a young audience. The range at launch takes inspiration from high end, luxurious beauty capsules from market leaders, who target a more mature demographic. SOLV.’s products use a similar encapsulation technology, where a highly active formulation is preserved in a mono-dose capsule, but instead of delivering age reversing benefits, the SOLV. eco-friendly beauty capsules are designed with younger skin in mind and promote age prevention and skin health. The products at launch tackle blemishes, boost skin hydration, prevent early ageing and defend against the damaging effects of pollution and blue light. Each formula is a concentrate of powerhouse ingredients, encapsulated in a seaweed-based, biodegradable shell. 

The on-the-go consumer is environmentally conscious, said Rosie Jenkins, Product Manager at Vector Consumer, and that’s why in addition to ease of use and portability, sustainability was at the forefront when developing the packaging.’ The capsule shells are made from a seaweed derivative and are biodegradable, the blisters can be recycled via the Terracycle® Zero Waste Box ™ solution, and all the cartons are printed using vegetable oils and kerbside recyclable.  

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The SOLV. consumer is also a digital native with a strong affinity for social media; she/he wants to stand out from the online crowd and loves brands that are fun, trendy and young. SOLV. has bold and vibrant colours, with a packaging that is Instagram and shelfie worthy’, added Luke Knight, Designer.  

Designed for an audience who is born at the dawn of the online era and staying true to Vector Consumer’s principle of being global from day one, SOLV.’s key sales and marketing channels are online and will be sold from its Liverpool home into markets such as Asia and Australasia within its launch phase.   

Vector Consumer has partnered with Velstar, a Shopify Plus e-commerce agency based in Liverpool, to build the SOLV. e-commerce website. The platform is tailored to ease the online journey of an audience with a short attention span: consumers can access key information about the brand and the product, and checkout in just few clicks. ‘SOLV. are an exciting brand with a great vision and they’re the perfect fit for Shopify, we’ve delivered an online store that is the perfect fit for the audience with the ability to scale as the brand inevitably grows.’, said Daniel Sheard, Managing Director at Velstar.  

A key finding about Gen Z is that they want to connect with a brand like a friend. Therefore, SOLV. will engage with its audience primarily on social media, with Instagram and Tiktok being the main platforms at launch. ‘We have teamed up with Knowlton, a multi-award-winning video and social media agency based in Kent, to help build the SOLV. community, create fun and relatable content and engage with the target audience online’, said Cindy Chan, Marketing Manager at Vector Consumer. Lloyd Knowlton, CEO and co-founder at Knowlton Marketing added: ‘Our social content generates 5 to 16 times ROAS, and we are very excited to build a community of empowered young people and build SOLV. into a successful brand’. 

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Vector Consumer is the brainchild of MD Matt Banks-Crompton and CEO John Pugh, who have worked together in the consumer healthcare industry for over 10 years to drive global brands such as Scholl and Durex, and more recently Pharmapac, a UK-based medical contract manufacturer