Shopkeeper batters yob with brush who falls while running away

A yob got more than he bargained for when he started behaving aggressively outside an off-licence in Kensington.

The shopkeeper fought back with a brush, causing the lout to run straight across a busy Prescot Road, nearly being run over in the process.

The yob begins by banging on the door of the off-licence in Prescot Road

The scenes outside Bargain Beers were captured by an Uber driver on his mobile phone at around 8pm yesterday.

The thug can first of all be seen banging aggressively on the front door of the off-licence.

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Thwack! The thug feels the business end of the shopkeeper's improvised defensive weapon

He then loses his balance, as well as a shoe, when he sees the angry shopkeeper come tearing out wielding a mop or a long-handled brush.

In his terror to run away, the cowardly lout runs straight into the side of a slow-moving car in one direction, and then directly into the path of an oncoming double-decker bus in the other, before disappearing down a side-road.

The thug runs straight into the side of a passing car

The taxi driver who filmed the scenes on his phone said he saw the man, who appeared "very upset", trying to cross the street like "he wanted to do something."

He then runs straight into the path of an oncoming double-decker bus

It is believed the incident has been reported to police, who were approached for comment.

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No-one from the shop wished to comment.