Shocking pictures show mess left by flytippers near Bidston flyover

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SHOCKING pictures show the mess that has been left by flytippers near a Wirral nature reserve.

They were taken near the beauty spot near Bidston flyover just after midday on Thursday by Wirral Globe's Camera Club member Linda Davies during a return visit to the borough from her new home in New Zealand.

The pictures, which show discarded household rubbish and clothing, have been sent to the council for comment.

Linda told the Globe: "It's disgusting how people if you can call them people treat the beautiful place they call home.

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"It's been like that for a while. Some of it is fly tipping by the nature reserve, so sad the effect it's having on are wild life.

"Wirral is still my home and I miss it everyday over here in New Zealand and it makes me so angry to see what these low life do.

"It's disgraceful. They need reprimanding. If they are caught, that is."

A council spokesperson told the Globe: "There's simply no excuse for fly tipping.

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"Whilst we acknowledge the difficulties residents are facing managing their waste at this time, we will continue to take a tough line on incidents of fly-tipping and will keep on investigating all reports with a view to prosecuting those responsible.

"Any fly tipping is unacceptable, in this instance, the fly tipping is on private land so it’s the land owners responsibility to clear the waste.

"Our environment team are trying to make contact with the land owner.

"Fly tipping uses valuable resources which could be used to keep essential services going and also presents a fire risk, a problem the fire and rescue service really doesn’t need right now.

"Residents must dispose of their waste legally through their regular kerbside collections or keep hold of it until the tips open again – a decision which lies with the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority. Alternatively, use a licenced waste carrier.

"Thank you to all residents who are playing their part in the fight against COVID-19 and allowing resources to be used where they’re most needed."