Second musician from Liverpool’s 60s scene dies of coronavirus

Another well-loved musician from the '60s music scene in Liverpool has died of coronavirus.

Tom Scully, 78, who performed in clubs in his early years alongside Ricky Tomlinson died on Sunday after contracting the virus a week earlier.

He is also be remembered for being a member of the bands the Hi-Fi Three, The Silver Set and the Avon Brothers with Harry Chambers.

Mr Scully, who was under quarantine in Meadow View care home in Warrington died with his daughter Carolyn by his side.

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Carolyn Wright, 47, from Warrington told the ECHO that the cause of her father's death was put down to coronavirus after other deaths at the home were linked to the disease.

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She said that her dad was good friends with the legendary Liverpool musician, Cy Tucker, who the ECHO reported on March 24 as the first person to die in Liverpool of coronavirus.

Carolyn said: "My dad used to call him his 'work son' although he was only two years older than him.

"My mum told my dad about Cy Tucker when he died before my dad contracted the virus – he was heartbroken."

Due to restrictions regarding funerals in light of the health crisis, Carolyn said only a small number of people will be allowed to attend her father’s funeral.

Tom Scully (far left) with the band The Silver Set

"Sadly, we can’t give him the send-off he deserved," she said: "There wouldn’t have been a free seat in the church, or crematorium, as there were that many people that knew him and loved him and followed his career through the years.

"We can’t go and see him and there are only six of us that are going straight to the crematorium in Warrington.

"We can’t have any cars apart from the hearse."

Carolyn said her father’s care home went into lockdown last Thursday after he had taken ill on Tuesday.

She said: "I was with him and they wouldn’t let anybody else in but I was already there so I couldn’t really go anywhere else.

"My mum is 76 and isolating and couldn’t be with him when he passed away."

Mr Scully had suffered from dementia during the last five years of his life and had lived away from his wife at the care home for the past 18 months.

"Unfortunately, my sister died several years ago," she said: "So I’m the only child that’s left, but he’s also left three grandchildren as well.

"They are absolutely devastated, they were his world, he loved them and they loved him."

The Hi-Fi Three consisted of (left) Tom Jackson, (centre) Tom Scully, and (right) Brian Edwards

Mr Scott is survived by his wife of 57 years, Margaret, 76, his daughter Carolyn, son in law Stephen, and three grandchildren Lucy, Lewis, and Jenson.

After 30 years of touring and working as a musician on the circuit, Mr Scott went into the pub industry and ran the Hop Pole and Rylands Rec in Warrington in the ’80s and ’90s.

He also ran the Leyland Tiger in Leyland and was a compare at Greenalls Social Club in Warrington in the ’90s