‘Screaming’ toddler gets hand trapped McDonald’s lift door

A grateful mum has spoken about the kind strangers who rallied round to help after her daughter got her hand stuck in the doors of a lift.

Hanna said she was shopping with daughters Lexi, two, and Sofia, six when she decided to treat the girl's to a McDonald's.

The 31-year-old mum told the ECHO how she needed to use the lift, in the Lord Street city centre store, as she had a pram and shopping with her.

However in a split second of horror the Prenton mum said her two-year-old Lexi's hand was dragged into the lift doors.

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The mum-of-two said: “As we were waiting for the lift the doors weren’t shutting properly for other people.

“When it was our turn to get into the lift – I’m not really too sure what happened – but the next thing my daughter’s hand got dragged into the lift doors at the side.”

Somehow, two-year-old Lexi’s hand had got pulled along as the lift doors were opening into the door compartment and became trapped.

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She said: “Someone from McDonald’s was already by the lift as she was operating it because it was busy.

“I just remember her trying to press the button to try and close the doors to see if my daughter’s hand would become free but it didn’t.”

Hanna said Lexi’s hand was trapped for about a minute while she tried to wriggle it free from the side of the doors.

Hanna from Prenton's two-year-old daughter Lexi got her hand trapped in the side of a lift door in McDonald's on Lord Street in Liverpool

She added: “There was no way those lift doors were going to close and let her hand free. The lady was pushing the button and nothing was happening.”

Eventually, they were able to wriggle the little girl’s hand free from out of doors.

Hanna said: “There was screaming and there was blood all over her hands and there were all these people around us.

“We finally got upstairs and the manager came over told me to sit down while she went to get an ice pack.

Hanna from Prenton's two-year-old daughter Lexi got her hand trapped in the side of a lift door in McDonald's on Lord Street in Liverpool

“A lot of families offered to help. They offered to take my shopping and help me to my car and people were asking if I needed a lift going to the hospital.

“One lady, in particular, she left McDonald’s with her little girl, and she came back with Calpol to give my daughter.

“She wouldn’t let me give her any money for it or anything.

“Everyone was just dead helpful and dead nice. I felt bad as well because my daughter was screaming and people were trying to eat.

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“But nobody was bothered, everyone was like it doesn’t matter, she’s hurt.

“Everyone was just so lovely.”

Hanna drove back home with her daughter and took her to Arrowe Park Hospital where they found out she had sustained a hairline fracture to one of her fingers.

Two-year-old Lexi sustained a hairline fracture to one of her fingers and cuts and bruises to her hand

Her other fingers on the trapped hand were sore and bruised. They were also cut and some of the skin had been taken off.

Lexi had her hand bandaged up and she is now back home with her mum and sister.

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Hanna said: “She cried a bit today to say her hand’s sore, but I suppose it will be.

“She’ll be alright I’m sure. She’s two and she’ll heal quite quickly

“I was crying a lot yesterday, just because I was overwhelmed with how many people were willing to help, even though they were with their own kids.

"Especially the lady that gave me the Calpol, it meant a lot."