Remarkable photos tell story of 100 days of coronavirus

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Remarkable photos tell story of 100 days of coronavirus in Merseyside

Since evacuated Brits arrived in Wirral on January 31 life has changed beyond recognition

People out exercising on the waterfront in Liverpool during the lockdown for the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic

In 100 days coronavirus has utterly transformed life on Merseyside.

Schools, offices, restaurants, gyms, stadiums, pubs and cinemas all lie empty – and thousands of business owners and workers fret over the future.

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In the first few weeks of 2020, unusual cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, China, barely created a ripple in the UK as the media focused on newly elected Boris Johnson and his cabinet reshuffles.

Liverpool FC were storming towards their first league title in 30 years, Labour was beginning its inquest after the disastrous defeat in December, and Brexit still dominated the political agenda.

But the gathering storm causing chaos in Asia was barrelling closer and closer with each passing day of the new year, soon to reshape every aspect of our lives and render everything else irrelevant.

On January 31, news broke of a plan to rescue Brits from locked-down Wuhan and quarantine them for 14 days in Arrowe Park Hospital – which would eventually play host to more than 100 people evacuated from virus hot-spots.

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Reassurances were given that the risk to the public was low, precautions were taken, and the operation was a success.

But in the end, none of that mattered.

In the time since the coaches arrived in Wirral to the flashes of cameras, coronavirus has torn through the UK population.

While many elements of normal life go on, some aspects of the past seven weeks seem more at home in the pages of a dystopian novel.

But, Merseyside has reacted with resilience and fortitude, with ordinary people making extraordinary contributions to the national effort.

These 100 remarkable photographs illustrate our journey from normal life to the extraordinary situations we deal with today.

  1. Ready to do the job

    Staff at Arrowe Park Hospital prepare for a bus carrying British nationals from the coronavirus-hit city of Wuhan in China

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  2. No mask for the driver

    A man in protective clothing sits behind the driver in one of the coaches transporting 83 Britons and 27 foreign nationals who have been evacuated from Wuhan

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  3. Quarantined Brits arrive at Arrowe Park Hospital from China

    The evacuees stayed at the hospital for a fortnight after returning to the UK

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  4. On patrol at Arrowe Park

    Police officers patrol at Arrowe Park Hospital, outside the block where British nationals from the coronavirus-hit city of Wuhan in China were quarantined

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  5. Cameras ready to roll

    Cameras are set up at Arrowe Park Hospital ready to capture the arrival of evacuees from Wuhan

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  6. Freedom at last

    Matt Raw, who was repatriated from Wuhan in China, leaves Arrowe Park Hospital on Merseyside on February 13 after two weeks in quarantine

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  7. Empty streets in Liverpool city centre

    Sun sets over empty streets normally packed with people

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  8. Church Street stands empty

    Statues look over an empty high street

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  9. Mathew Street deserted

    Deserted scenes in Mathew Street, Liverpool city centre

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  10. One of the city's biggest tourist attractions stands empty

    John Lennon statue with no visitors

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  11. Deserted streets

    Empty Liverpool One on South John Street

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  12. Isolating at home

    Gary Wells, 34, and his wife Leanne McFerran, 37, isolating at home in Walton, after developing a sore throat, a sore chest and struggling to breathe

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  13. Essential travel only

    Coronavirus warning Travel sign on Borough Road, Birkenhead

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  14. Children wear masks to play out

    Alfie Turner aged nine, from Aintree, playing on his hoverboard, wearing a surgical mask after his school was closed

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  15. Rainbows brighten up our city's streets

    Stay Safe sign painted by Charlie Jones, five, from Moreton, Wirral

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  16. Claps for NHS workers in our streets

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  17. Staying home, staying safe

    A man and his dog relax in the spring sunshine on a balcony in Blundellsands, with a message of support for the NHS stuck to the window

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  18. Calls for further testing

    Coroavirus test poster on a bin on Smithdown Road, Wavertree

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  19. Shops take safety measures

    A member of staff working behind the hatch at Mo's News & Booze, Old Swan.

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  20. Protective gear worn

    A cyclist with his shopping wearing a surgical mask on Walton Road, Walton

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  21. Scarves worn for protection

    A man protecting himself from coronavirus with a scarf in Anfield.

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  22. Death of a hero

    Aintree nurse Liz Ganister (centre), 68, who died with coronavirus, alongside two of her colleagues

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  23. NHS staff applauded

    A member of A&E staff at Aintree University Hospital taking part in Clap for Carers.

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  24. NHS staff applaud each other

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  25. Officers go above and beyond to spread cheer in lockdown

    Dexter Lee and his brother Freddie as they met police officers

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  26. Bank holiday hotspots deserted

    Crosby and Formby coast closed to visitors

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  27. City hotspots empty despite good weather

    Liverpool waterfront and The Beatles statue at the Pierhead.

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  28. 'End the Lockdown'

    End the Lockdown graffiti

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  29. In memory of his nan

    Little Jake Anderson, six, joining in for the clap for carers after the death of his nan June Anderson from coronavirus

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  30. In memory of an honoured colleague

    A minute's silence at Whiston Hospital in memory of surgeon Sadeq Elhowsh, who died of coronavirus

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  31. Survivor

    Terry McMaddy, 53 and from Aigburth, survived coronavirus after spending 10 days in intensive care at Broadgreen Hospital

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  32. Love the NHS

    Love the NHS tribute outside The Walton Centre, Fazakerley

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  33. In memory of the fallen

    Nursing staff stand in silence outside the Royal Liverpool Hospital in memory of all key workers killed by coronavirus

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  34. On patrol

    Police officers patrolling Sefton Park during lockdown

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  35. Another heroic nurse

    Mother-of-two Josephine Manini Peter, a nurse at Southport and Formby General Hospital, who died of coronavirus

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  36. The fight of his life

    Steven Rutter, 40, from Wallasey, spent five days in Arrowe Park Hospital on oxygen with coronavirus

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  37. Drive through testing

    A soldier from the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment in Southport assisting with Covid-19 testing at Esplande Park & Ride car park.

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  38. Thank you NHS

    Thank You NHS street markings outside Aintree University Hospital, Fazakerley

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  39. Lockdown haircuts

    With hairdressers and beauty salons closed, readers shared their pictures of home made haircuts including this one, by Adam Dixon

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  40. Courage

    Peter Gick from Gatecare with his banner bearing the words of legendary Reds manager Bill Shankly for people to take inspiration from during these difficult times

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  41. Care home battle

    Staff are battling against coronavirus inside the Oak Springs care home

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  42. Homeless in lockdown

    A homeless man on the streets in Liverpool city centre during lockdown

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  43. Thank you

    Clap for our Carers at Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral

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  44. Thanks to a national treasure

    A nurse at Aintree University Hospital sheds a tear and as she pays tribute to super fundraiser Captain Tom Moore, the 99-year-old veteran who raised £30million for NHS charities by doing 100 laps of his garden

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  45. Queues for the tip

    Recycling centres were allowed to re-open on Monday May 4, but queues were backed up for hours, as shown here at South Sefton Household Waste Recycling Centre

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  46. Remarkable charity efforts

    Kevin Sartorius, who is walking 100 laps of Liverpool's Sefton Park, at a pace of five laps or 12 miles a day to raise money for the NHS

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  47. Testing is ramped up

    Staff at the walk-in-testing portacabin on Hunter Street, Liverpool City Centre

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  48. No shoppers

    Deserted shops in Liverpool ONE

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  49. Community steps up

    Sophie Roberts, 11, from Old Swan, who has helped sew hundreds of face masks for frontline care and NHS workers

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  50. Everyday heroes

    Wavertree nan Sakina Ali, owner of Dry Rain by Sakina, working on face masks for key workers

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  51. Thanks for postal workers

    A poster stuck up in a window in Liverpool thanking postal staff for their work during the coronavirus pandemic

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  52. Supermarkets implement social distancing measures

    Queues outside Aldi in Fazakerley during the coronavirus crisis

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  53. Light hearted moment

    Team A&E at the Royal Liverpool Hospital

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  54. Fighting spirit

    Liverpool UFC fighter Molly McCann cycled down from her home to join in the applause for the NHS workers

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  55. From one frontline to another

    Merseyside Police officers applaud for NHS workers, outside the Royal Liverpool Hospital

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  56. Angels of Merseyside

    Susan Tay, a Community Matron at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, stands in front of the 'Liver Bird Wings', an artwork by Paul Curtis on a wall within Liverpool's Baltic Triangle.

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  57. A moment of appreciation

    Ambulance staff at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital come outside to clap public for their support during Thursday's nationwide Clap for Carers

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  58. Mark of respect

    Tributes to Blundellsands & Crosby train station Merseyrail worker Brian Boggild, 59, who died from coronavirus

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  59. Hospital tragedy

    Aintree Hospital patient discharge planner Barbara Moore, 54, who has died after contracting coronavirus

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  60. Super NHS

    A man walks past a mural supporting the NHS at Hello Pizza in Kensington, Liverpool

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  61. A candle for the Queen

    Maisy Byrne lights a candle in the window of a home in Liverpool after the Queen stressed the importance of maintaining the coronavirus lockdown

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  62. Aerial tributes

    A plane flies over Liverpool pulling a sign to thank NHS workers as the UK prepares to take part in the nationwide Clap for Carers NHS initiative

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  63. An economic casualty

    The closed Debenhams store in Liverpool city centre, after the firm announced it would enter administration due to the coronavirus lockdown

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  64. 'Never give up'

    A taxi driver clapping the NHS nursing staff for the second time, outside the Royal Liverpool Hospital

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  65. Travel industry in crisis

    Empty EasyJet desks at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, as the airline grounds its entire fleet due to travel restrictions across Europe

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  66. A fatal mistake?

    Atletico Madrid fans on their way to Anfield ahead of the now controversial Champions League game with Liverpool, which may have led to a spike in cases

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  67. Fans flood city centre

    Atletico Madrid fans in Liverpool ahead of the Champions League clash with Liverpool that has been blamed for spreading coronavirus

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  68. Not a normal bank holiday

    People in Sefton Park on a bank holiday weekend during the coronavirus lockdown

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  69. Academics at heart of the fightback

    Calum Semple, Professor of Outbreak Medicine at the University of Liverpool, who will be leading work on a new £1million lab to tackle coronavirus

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  70. Not painting the town red

    No crowds of people in Concert Square, Liverpool City Centre, on a Friday afternoon

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  71. Cutting edge research

    Dr Emily Adams from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, working on research for a coronavirus test

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  72. Racegoers forced to stay home

    Grand National Festival signage at Aintree Racecourse, after the annual event was cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic

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  73. Ice poured on red hot season

    A locked gate at Anfield stadium as The Premier League was suspended

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  74. Panic buying

    Empty shelves in Tesco supermarket in Allerton as panic buying hit food supplies in early February

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  75. Deserted Southport

    Deserted Lord Street in Southport, on a warm sunny day during the Coronavirus pandemic

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  76. Message of hope

    Rainbow and beautiful message on the wall in New Brighton outside Concept Corner

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  77. Respect of a comedy legend

    Comedian Johnny Vegas joins Clap for Carers at Whiston Hospital

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  78. Thank you graffiti

    Thank you NHS graffiti on Catherine Street, Liverpool City Centre

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  79. Quirky tributes

    A classic Beetle car in Hoylake, covered in magnetic hearts bearing messages of support for the NHS

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  80. 'Do your part, Liverpool'

    Do Your Part Liverpool banner at Everton Park

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  81. Not a usual sight

    A near deserted Southport Beach on Good Friday

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  82. Flag at half mast for lost colleagues

    The Union flag flying at half-mast outside Aintree University Hospital,after losing nurse Liz Glanister and patient discharge planner Barbara Moore to coronavirus

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  83. Powerful message from the Blues

    Everton FC supporting the NHS, asking people to stay at home and save lives, with a banner at Goodison Park

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  84. A short break

    Nursing staff outside the Royal Liverpool Hospital wearing PPE Equipmen

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  85. April showers

    April showers on a deserted Liverpool waterfront

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  86. A story of recovery

    Retired Liverpool bin man John Hind has recovered after testing positive for coronavirus

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  87. Empty Hope Street

    Deserted Hope Street in Liverpool City Centre

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  88. Every little helps

    Staff at Arrowe Park Hospital with visors donated by Silverberg Opticians

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  89. Moments of reflection

    A staff member becomes emotional at the Royal Liverpool Hospital during the applause during Thursday's nationwide Clap for Carers

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  90. B&Q reopens

    Customers queuing up outside the B&Q store on Edge Lane after it reopened

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  91. Message in the sand

    Chris Barlow and his sister created this tribute on Crosby beach

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  92. Dream team

    Husband and wife, Beverley and Peter Wood, working at Aintree hospital as nursing assistants on COVID-19 wards. They met at work 18 months ago, Got engaged in Paris 12 months ago and Married in Vegas 6 months ago, and they do all of their nights shifts together too

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  93. On the frontline

    Georgina McCarthy, working on COVID-19 ventilation wards at the elective care centre in Aintree hospital

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  94. Drive-through testing

    Covid-19 Drive-Through Test Centre on Hunter Street, Liverpool City Centre

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  95. Insult

    Mayor Joe Anderson said those ignoring guidelines are 'insulting' those who have died after reports of people sunbathing in parks

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  96. Holidays cancelled

    The totally deserted Caravan Park at Southport

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  97. Unsung heroes

    Domestic staff at Whiston hospital, working hard keeping A&E clean and battling daily with the amount of COVID-19 cleans

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  98. Empty beer gardens

    Empty and closed beer gardens, including The Pumphouse in the Albert Dock

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  99. Thank you

    Thank You NHS 1948-2020 Union flag outside Sydenham House flats, Sefton Park

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  100. Keep safe

    'Keep Safe, Keep in Touch, Keep Believing and Keep Praying', says a sign outside Highfield Church, Rock Ferry

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