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‘Psychotic’ teen’s text he sent after stabbing schoolboy, 13, in street


Nov 18, 2023

A schoolboy who was chased and stabbed in the back by a "psychotic" teenager screamed as he removed the weapon in the street.

A 15-year-old teen, who cannot be named for legal reasons, launched a completely random attack on a 13-year-old boy who was stood waiting in a bus stop on June 3, 2023. Preston Crown Court heard the thug was waiting at a bus stop on Market Street in Carnforth, Lancashire, when he saw his victim walking on the other side of the road with two friends.

As the bus arrived the attacker ran in front of it and across the road, narrowly missing being hit by a car. He punched the 13-year-old and pulled a hunting knife from the waistband of his shorts, LancsLive reports.

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The younger boy ran away down Market Street but was chased by the older teen. One of the victim's friends said "he looked like he had gone psychotic". Reading, Basingstoke, Berkshire

As the younger boy ran away in fear, he stumbled and fell. The attacker kicked him while he was on the floor, and prodded him with the knife, before lunging the weapon so deep into his back he punctured a lung.

The attacker ran away leaving the knife sticking out from his victim's back. The younger boy stood up and began walking down the street, but reached behind him and pulled the weapon out, discarding it on the pavement.

He said: "I was screaming. It was horrible."

The boy was airlifted to Alder Hey Children's Hospital where he underwent lengthy surgery. The incident has had a severe psychological impact on him, the court heard.

Doctors said the wound was very close to his spinal chord and a major artery. The attacker, who was 14 at the time, was found in woodland in Morecambe at 11.30pm on June 3, five hours after the attack.

He had sent a text message, saying: "I've just stabbed [name redacted]." The attacker was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, but pleaded guilty to GBH with intent and possession of a hunting knife and the earlier charge was dropped.

The court heard he had been using cannabis since his first year at high school and his behaviour had been escalating. Since his remand he has engaged with education and taken steps to tackle his substance misuse, though, shortly after his arrival he fashioned a makeshift weapon from a toothbrush and staples, the court heard.

Addressing the 15-year-old, the Honorary Recorder of Preston, Judge Robert Altham, said: "I see you have written a letter to me saying how much you regret attacking [your victim]. It is good that you understand how much you hurt him but, the fact remains, you did hurt him – very seriously indeed.

"You tell me in that letter that you really want to change and that is good. Because you hurt him so badly, you have to be made to understand that there will be consequences.

"I need to make sure that you work to make yourself better and that other people are safe. I need to make sure you are given help to become someone who cares about other people and doesn't hurt them.

"The only way I can achieve that is by keeping you somewhere secure for a while while you carry out the work you have started."

The teen was jailed for three years and four months.

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