• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

Protesters take over Wirral roundabout in 20mph protest


Nov 6, 2023

PROTESTERS took over a Wirral roundabout as the campaign against the roll-out of 20mph zones continued.


Last month, the council confirmed it would not be pausing its roll out of 20mph limits across the borough.

Campaigners voiced their objection to the decision by taking to the roundabout on Leasowe Road in Wallasey on Saturday with banners.

It is part of 'The Yellow Board Campaign', which has been running over the past few weeks at locations including Telegraph Rd in Heswall, the main road past Cammell Lairds in Birkenhead, Upton Sainsburys roundabout and Wallasey Village.

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The protest has featured members of the Freedom Alliance party, Reform UK, candidate, Ken Ferguson, the national campaign groups Together Declaration, Birkenhead Stand in the Park and other groups.

This week protestors will be on Woodchurch Road near Sainsburys in Prenton from 5pm on Wednesday. On Saturday they will be on Laird Street in Bidston from 10am, stopping at 11am to observe the Armistice Day two minute's silence.

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A spokesperson for the group told the Globe:: "The response from the public has been almost unanimous.

"The honks, waves, thumbs up from buses, vans, lorries, ambulances and cars as well as bell ringing from cyclists and support from pedestrians has been heart-warming.

"Clearly, there are a huge number of people in Wirral who are fed up with the already imposed 20mph limit.

"This is not a political party campaign. Anyone of any political or non-political persuasion is most welcome to get involved. The impact of these impositions is felt by all.

"The crux of the campaign is to tell the council to stop the roll out of the almost blanket 20mph scheme in Wirral.

"We are asking the public to lobby their councillors with their concerns with the aim to encourage them to stop and review the 20mph scheme that has been imposed already.

"It is anticipated that the Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee will vote on the next phase being rolled out at their meeting on December 5.

"Safety is a priority of ours for all road users. However, introducing 20mph on almost all roads is too simplistic and does not resolve many of the main reasons why accidents happen.

"We agree that there are roads where a 20mph limit is much needed as the level of risk is notably greater there. Roads should be evaluated on their own risk levels.

"We will be running more yellow board campaigns over the coming weeks.

"We want to invite the Councillors to come and see for themselves the high level of public support we have.

"We want to engage with the Councillors and explain why it matter to us as the public.

"If anyone would like to join our campaign they can contact me on wirraltogether@protonmail.com"

A petition on change.org asking the Council to stop and review has already reached over 7000 signatures.

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A motion put forward by the local authority’s Conservative group during a full council meeting last month had called for a review of the policy for residential areas and a pause on the roll out of limits except around schools.

However this was rejected by the three other parties on the council who argued the public had been asking for the council to tackle road safety concerns and it was too early for a review.

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