Proof we’ve been saying Home and Bargain right all along

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It's a debate that's been dividing people for decades – is it called Home Bargains, or Home and Bargain?

The Liverpool-born bargain retail giant obviously has 'Home Bargain' emblazoned on every shop front, carrier bag and item of staff uniform.

But if you ask anyone from Liverpool what it's called, chances are they'll tell you it's 'Home and Bargain'.

The reason for the confusion is perhaps because the shop, founded by Tom Morris in Old Swan, changed its name in 1995.

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Along with the name change came a new blue and red logo that we recognise today, designed by another member of the Morris family, Anton Morris.

Back in 1976, 21-year-old Tom Morris, one of seven children, opened the first branch of what was then 'Home and Bargains' – reportedly using money from a bank overdraft to fund his fledgling business.

From initially boasting takings of £100 a week, Home Bargains (minus the 'and') now boasts more than 500 stores – with the Morris clan worth a reported £3.59 billion.

With the bargain store having its beginnings in Liverpool, it seems only right that we would know what it's *really* called.

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And while the name on the shopfront may have said 'Home Bargains' for 25 years now, to plenty of Scousers it will always be 'Home and Bargain'.

If anyone outside the city hears you calling it 'Home and Bargain', you might find yourself getting some funny looks – or even getting corrected by people who think they know better.

One of the first Home & Bargain stores opened in Breck Road

But finally, there's a way of proving that we were right all along and that calling it 'Home and Bargain' just shows you remember the bargain store before its name change.

If you look at how a purchase from the bargain retailer shows up on your bank statement, you'll finally find the validation we've been looking for all along.

The reference on your statement should say 'HOME & BARGAIN/ALL".

So while the name on the shopfront is obviously Home Bargains, this shows we're *technically* right in using the original shop name that still appears on payment information.

One thing we can all agree on is that Tom Morris' store has come a long way from a single shop in Old Swan.

In 2019, the chain made a bigger profit than London flagship store Harrods, boasting £184 million after tax.

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With Tom Morris remaining notoriously publicity shy, it is his brother Joe, one of three other Morris siblings, who is usually found speaking in public on the Home Bargains founder’s behalf.

Joe once recalled how his brother: “Has a real sense of smell for the retail business. He knows what is going on.

“The key is good buying. He has an incredible reputation for it. If you get the buying right you can make money even if the stores are not perfect. You can have perfect stores but if you don’t have the product you will fail.”