PREVIEW: Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’, Liverpool Playhouse

Globe theatre critic Peter Grant meets the least scary star of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein coming to the Playhouse in November.

SCOTTISH actress Eilidh Loan has appeared as Lady Macbeth on radio and Lady Jane Grey on TV in BBC4‘s England’s Forgotten Queen – so she has no fear of playing strong women.

The 22-year-old star is thrilled that her latest incarnation on stage is the non-royal but equally famous writer Mary Shelley – the 18-year-old author who created the Gothic masterpiece Frankenstein and married poet Percy Blysshe Shelley.

Having travelled up and down the country on tour with this powerful, ambitious play Erskine-born Eilidh is thrilled that so many young people are coming to see it and taking away from it a real buzz.

She tells the Globe: “I am a huge supporter of getting youngsters into the theatre.

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“Not only to enjoy new work but to also see it as a career. It’s absolutely fantastic to see a sea of young faces out there.”

And she is quite a role model for budding thespians having graduated from the Guilford School of Acting in Surrey where she won the Alan Bates award for most promising actor.