Post-coronavirus condition leaves woman fearing she will die

A woman has been left feeling like she’s 'going to die' months after contracting coronavirus.

44-year-old Lyn Ng from Wirral is in hospital after collapsing five times in her home after first battling the disease in April.

Last month, she was diagnosed with post-viral fatigue syndrome.

The post-viral complication has caused her health to deteriorate, leaving her unable to cope on her own despite overcoming the initial virus.

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Before contracting the disease, Lyn was in good health and worked as a mental health therapist.

She said: “Since getting this illness, I have fallen five times in my flat.

“I struggle to cook, clean, and my personal care on some days is bad – I just can't get out of bed due to the extreme fatigue, body aches, and breathlessness.”

Lyn, originally from Malaysia, says she was receiving help at her home for half-an-hour of a morning and evening after contracting the disease.

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But due to the severity of her breathlessness, fatigue and joint pain, she feels it wasn’t enough.

She said: “I needed help getting food and medication and I’m in a lot of pain.

“If I fall I can’t get up to reach the phone.

“This is a very real situation and it affects you mentally and physically.

“It has made me feel depressed because falling down five times is no joke.”

Unable to function and on the brink of collapse, Lyn was taken to Arrowe Park Hospital on Saturday by paramedics where she's currently receiving treatment.

She says not enough help is in place for those living on their own coping with the long-term effects of coronavirus, and is worried that in October her statutory sick pay will stop.

She said: “After October, what’s going to happen?

"How will I pay for food? How will I pay my Council Tax?"

"There are not enough resources put in.

“More needs to be done to help people in the community who are alone and recovering from this.

She added: “At times I have had the feeling like I’m going to die.

“When I fell in my bathroom, I tried to grab myself up and I fell again and banged the back of my head on the wall.

“I was there for a long time.

“I fear I will die because no help is going to come.”

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Since falling ill, Lyn says she has “not had a meaningful life” and felt like a prisoner in her own home.

She says worry caused by feeling the need to recover quickly has left her depressed and anxious, particularly about how she will cope financially while being unable to return to work as a therapist.

Up until she was hospitalised, she had been relying on help from volunteers in the Wirral Coronavirus Support Group.

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She added: “I’m really grateful and I must have done something right in another lifetime to have received this kindness.

"I really appreciated the help but it has not been enough for me.

“I think for post-coronavirus people, they need to allocate more time for them to recover.”