PM in intensive care as Michael Gove gives update on condition

Boris Johnson remains in intensive care this morning as Cabinet Minister Michael Gove shared an update on his condition.

It is understood that the Prime Minister was taken into the intensive care ward at St Thomas Hospital at 7pm last night, after his condition with coronavirus worsened.

Speaking to LBC Radio this morning, Michael Gove said the Prime Minister had received some oxygen support but he has not been put on a ventilator.

Mr Gove said: “He’s not on a ventilator no.

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“The prime minister has received some oxygen support and he is kept under, of course, close supervision.

"By being in intensive care if there is further support he needs it is there at hand. But the Prime Minister has not been on a ventilator."

Mr Gove described Mr Johnson as someone who "always wants to be doing his best, pushing things forward, driving change, making a difference for the better".

Meanwhile speaking on BBC Breakfast this morning, Mr Gove said "We all hope that he can be restored to health as quickly as possible and that's all we're thinking about at the moment."

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When asked about the function of the Government, he added: "The work of Government goes on.

"We have a superb civil service and they have ensured that the machinery is there for decisions to be made by ministers, by medical and scientific experts and for those decisions to be followed through in a way which enables us to help those at the frontline."

Mr Gove said that while Mr Johnson had been chairing meetings, he had been working to a "stripped-back diary" and following medical advice.

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He said: "That's reflected the medical advice that the Prime Minister has had but ultimately one of the things about this new and uniquely challenging virus is that we must all follow the appropriate medical advice."

He said everyone is discovering that the virus "has a malevolence that is truly frightening".

Before he was moved to ICU, Mr Johnson asked the Foreign Secretary and First Secretary of State Dominic Raab to to assume Prime Minister's duties.

The Prime Minister revealed he had tested positive for coronavirus last week, having initially only had mild symptoms

After those symptoms didn't go away, Mr Johnson was taken into hospital last night.

Earlier today the country told he was in good spirits, but things now seem to have taken a turn for the worse.

The Prime Minister's partner Carrie Symonds has also recently revealed that she has been battling the virus.