Peter Andre shares laugh with Katie Price during Liverpool trip

Katie Price and Peter Andre are doing all they can to make sure their daughter Princess has the best 13th birthday.

At the weekend, Katie treated Princess to a shopping spree, picking up a number of designer sportswear items.

And it didn’t stop there, as on Monday, Katie and Princess ventured up to Liverpool to purchase something very special.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the 42-year-old explained how her daughter was left devastated after their family dog was run over outside their house.

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Princess and Katie speak to Peter on FaceTime

Ever since, Princess has been begging her mum and dad for another dog.

As a birthday treat, Katie took her daughter up to Liverpool to purchase a marble French bulldog puppy.

She blindfolded up daughter, who had no idea where they were going, before letting her in on the surprise by presenting two puppies.

Excited by her gift, Princess facetimed dad Peter, whom split from Katie in 2009, to tell him the good news.

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Peter then spoke to Katie, joking that they should name the dog after him.

Katie replied: “No chance. I’ll be going, “Pete, Peter”.

The puppy then started whimpering, as Katie added: “Yeah, even the dog doesn’t agree. He doesn’t like it”, leaving Peter in stitches.