Perrie Edwards praised for showing off ‘biggest body hang up’

Little Mix star Perrie Edwards was praised for showing off a scar on her stomach to her 10.4million Instagram followers.

The gorgeous girlfriend of Liverpool player and Premier League winner Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain previously described it as her "biggest body hang up".

But she posted four mirror selfies to the social network this afternoon and was praised by fans for promoting body confidence.

Perrie captioned the images: "Mood & Ily icle scar."

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The Shout Out To My Ex singer has previously referred to her scar as a body hang up, admitting that she isn't too keen at showing it off.

She told Now Magazine in 2017: "My [biggest body-hang up] is my scar on my stomach.

Perrie Edwards posted selfies from her bathroom mirror on Instagram

"When I was little, my oesophagus was too small, so I had to get it operated on to help me eat properly. I had to have lots of operations, so that's why I don't want to show it."

And posing naked on Instagram in June 2018 she wrote: "Mermaids have freckles and scars too… embrace them. I think they’re beaut!"

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User Perries_girlll wrote: "Scars are beautiful" and sally elphick wdded: "Too right they are, mine shows how I've fought to be here, open heart surgery scar. I love people who show off their scars and be proud of them, this makes me happy."

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The 26-year-old Black Magic singer recently bought a trampoline for her and Alex to entertain themselves, and get their much-needed daily exercise on, during the coronavirus lockdown.

She uploaded footage of herself joyfully bouncing and pulling shapes on the fun new addition to their large garden,

The blonde bombshell laughed as she did karate kicks and flips, then captioned the clip: "F*****g howling, I hate myself."

Speaking to the BBC about lockdown, she said her top tip for isolation is 'dancing' and "keeping yourself busy."

Perrie added: " I just keep putting fake tan on like I'm going somewhere when I'm not. And I've been knitting a little bit.

"Like a grandma, I've knitted a blanket – and it's come in really handy, actually."

Perrie and Alex live in a beautiful, modern pad with Perrie's three dogs – a Pomeranian named Hatchi, an adopted dog called Teddy and a new French Bulldog puppy called Travis.

They moved in together in their Merseyside home in 2019.

Last year Perrie wrote a powerful and brave Instagram post last year about her anxiety and panic attacks.

Speaking about it in March, she said: "When the panic attacks got bad, I didn't want to leave the house. My mam and Sam, my manager, had to meet at my house to take me to work because I couldn't bear the idea of being in a car on my own.

"And I've always been really independent. I've always loved my own space. I lived near fields with nothing around me and that was my happy place.

"Then all of a sudden it slipped and now that's my idea of hell. So I like to be surrounded by people now because I feel like if I was to have a panic attack, it'd be better if I had somebody with me.

"So it messed up work in the day-to-day sense, but it's never affected being on stage, because performing's what I love to do. That's where I feel most comfortable and the most safe, I suppose."