Oh Polly branded ‘complete and utter joke’ over freezing warehouse and wasteful practices

Workers at a clothing warehouse say they are still freezing cold in their ‘absolute nightmare’ workplace, two weeks after they said they were told their problems would be solved.

s the LDRS has previously reported, staff at the Oh Polly warehouse in Bromborough are angry at what they say are the company’s ‘wasteful’ practices.

However, a spokesperson for the online clothing company said the firm is seeking to address heating issues at the warehouse.

A current worker at the warehouse, who did not want to be identified, said: “In the last article that was put in the paper they [Oh Polly] said that we were given hats, gloves, scarves, socks and a body warmer.

“In actual fact we got one pair of fingerless gloves the following Monday as they had to be ordered in.

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“The company is a complete and utter joke, but it pays my wages at the end of the day.”

When the LDRS reported on Oh Polly last month, the firm said they would sort out their warehouse’s cold conditions, and insisted they had offered hats, scarves and gloves to staff.

However, according to the worker who spoke to the LDRS, little has changed.