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New Brighton Victoria FC is ‘improving children’s lives’


Nov 12, 2023

A NEW grassroots football club in Wirral is aiming to "improve the lives of children".

New Brighton Victoria FC was founded in May 2023, with the aim of "instilling social values into children".

Having just embarked upon their first full season, the junior football club is aiming to become a "game changer" in grassroots junior football.

The club is doing things to promote inclusion and well-being through the sport.

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The new club now has four teams of both boys and girls up to the age of 16 and all children get equal playing time regardless of ability.

The club (Image: Alan Griffiths Sports Photography) Reading, Basingstoke, Berkshire

During training sessions subjects such as mental health are discussed and following matches, there’s a de-brief where the children are encouraged to talk about their feelings.

Each month two children are selected for specialist 1-2-1 training at a football academy and there are regular social events and team-building activities.

The club engages in charity and fundraising activities — raising money for partner charities Young Lives Vs Cancer, CICRA and other local organisations such as Charlotte’s Brightside.

Club chairman, Chris Guy, said: "Football is a huge platform and like anything it can be used in a good way or a bad way.

"Unfortunately, the game has developed a bit of a toxic culture that can actually be destructive to children’s mental health. Things such as rejection, failure, exclusion, aggressive parents and professional players giving out the wrong messages can all do damage."

He continued: "I’m so proud of the legacy we are creating. We have some wonderful volunteers, parents and children all aligning with our club values. Our club isn’t just about playing football on a Saturday, it’s also about what we do off the field too.

"Helping the local community, raising money for local charities and going above and beyond to make sure that our children are happy."

New Brighton Victoria FC already has some success stories. One such story is that of nine-year-old midfielder George Cormack who has been suffering with Crohn’s disease.

George (Image: La Vida Liverpool)

When he first joined the club he lacked confidence but has gone on to become one of their best players — winning Man Of The Match and Player’s Player awards.

Chris said: "George is a shining example of what we’re trying to do at this club. He overcomes daily challenges and does not let his illness affect his love for football and his friends and teammates.

"His confidence and ability have really grown through playing for the team and his mum, Lisa, is now Club Secretary. It’s great to see the other players be so encouraging and supportive to him too."

New Brighton Victoria FC has a policy of Nourishment, Behaviour, Volunteering, Friends and Chance and a code of conduct that encourages children to Make Effort, Play Fair, Obey Rules, Shake Hands and Respect and Listen.

Chris summarised: "Through football we aim to mould the next generation into good human beings who are kind, caring, conscious and community driven.

"We want to end the toxic culture of angry parents, competing aggressively, exclusion, bullying and the wrong messages being given by professionals. Football is a powerful tool and here at New Brighton Victoria FC we want to use it in the right way."

The club is ever-growing and is open to new members and new sponsors — current sponsors supporting the club are Skyline, Riverview Environmental, Max Spielmann and The Sea Shanty.

To register your child with NBVFC or to sponsor the team message Chris on 07368947749 or visit the website here.

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