New bike lane was too narrow for disabled users

Liverpool Council has been criticised after a new pop up cycle lane was found to be too narrow for disabled users.

The council announced the creation of six new pop up routes across Liverpool to encourage people to travel and socially distance without using their cars.

BBC journalist Ellis Palmer, who lives on the Wirral and makes extensive use of cycle lanes in the borough and across the region to travel around, said he was stunned to find the route around Sefton Park to only be wide enough for bicycles.

Mr Ellis uses a hand cycle, which is wider, and work undertaken by the highways department to install the new lanes, which are separated from the main highway by barriers, left them too narrow for him to use.

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The council has since said work will take place to widen the lanes.

Mr Ellis said: "It's just really annoying that as a hand cyclist user I can not currently access the lane."

He said the issue pointed to wider problems in public and social policy across the UK.

Mr Ellis said: "You shouldn't need that social media reaction to widen the lane, there should be the nous in within the highways department to make sure that's there in the first place.

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"It points to a wider problem in the public policy and public planning realm."

The Sefton Park loop is the second of six cycle routes that will be built around the city.

The first was built on West Derby Road and others will follow in the coming weeks.