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Nestle fans plead ‘please no’ as favourite is discontinued


Nov 8, 2023

Nestle is discontinuing its Caramac bar after 64 years.


The caramel-flavoured candy bar is getting the axe due to falling sales, Nestle reported. The bar was launched in the UK in 1959 by its original manufacturer Mackintosh.

In a statement, the firm said: “We are very sorry to disappoint fans of Caramac. There has been a steady decline in its sales over the past few years and unfortunately, we had to make the difficult decision to discontinue it.

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“We know fans will be disappointed to see it go, but this change will enable us to focus on our best-performing brands, as well as develop exciting new innovations to delight consumers’ tastebuds.”

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The bar was produced in Norwich until 1996, when it moved to Nestle’s factory in Fawdon, near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Caramac fans have expressed their disappointment after maker Nestle confirmed it is discontinuing the caramel-flavoured bar after 64 years

Nestle, whose headquarters are in Switzerland, confirmed last year that it planned to close the Fawdon site and move production overseas.

The decision sparked a wave of social media posts, including one on X, formerly Twitter, who said: “What. Please. God. No! Nestle please tell me you’re not ditching #caramac it’s the only ‘chocolate’ I eat! Don’t let it disappear! I love the stuff!!”

Another said: “This is a national scandal, how can they get rid of Caramac?” A final added: “I know a lot is made about how the Brits don’t get upset about anything, but the ire being levelled at @NestleUKI for getting rid of #Caramac shows there’s fight in the old dog yet.”

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