Mum transforms flooded basement into ‘dream’ bar with cinema room

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A Liverpool mum has wowed designers on Instagram with her "amazing" basement renovation.

Leah Tomprefa, from Wavertree, transformed her cellar into her dream space after getting fed up with the "horrible and damp" space.

Before the conversion the basement was just used for storage and Leah’s family would never go down there.

Now it has been made into a bar, a games room and a cinema room that has been described as 'extraordinary.'

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The mum-of-three has been doing up her home for more than a decade but had always prioritised other areas of the house.

It wasn’t until the cellar started to flood and cause her stress that she decided it was her next project.

The 42-year-old told the ECHO : "It was literally just used for storage at first but it started flooding before we renovated it.

"We had to tank it because it was flooding to the ankles and every time it was flooding we had to pump it out.

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Stairway down into the basement

"My husband had buckets and we thought 'we can't go on like this'."

Initially the cellar was going to be just a bar and a games room but once work started builders discovered a hidden room that the homeowners didn't know about.

Lead said they filled around 30 skips' worth of earth that had been dug out of the cellar.

Bar area in the cellar

Once digging had begun she was surprised to find that there was a hidden room that had been filled in and bricked up. It is now the cinema room.

She said: "It became apparent that there was another room, I don't know what had happened but it had been dumped (in) almost to ceiling.

"We dug that out so it was an extra room. We ended up getting a whole new room we didn't have before."

Leah added: "We just used to use it for storage and it was horrible, damp and dark and cold. You couldn't use it at all as a room before, we just closed the door on it. Now it's a whole new part of the house.

Bathroom renovation

"[The cellar] is the whole footprint of the house, not a lot of houses have that so it's really rare."

The basement renovation has attracted a lot of attention after Leah began to post the transformation journey to her home Instagram account @Chronicles_on_the_crescent.

Leah said: “Well I’m obsessed with home accounts and over lockdown. When we were doing our home I’d use Instagram to inform a lot of my decisions when it came to decor, paint colours, doors, I would just use it as a decision maker.

“I would just hashtag search designs and message people and ask them about it so I thought I might as well do my own too.

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“I used to ask people for advice and now I'm giving advice back to them.

“I was doing it looking at other people's homes at first, I didn’t realise how much [my account] would take off to be honest.

“It's such a lovely community and everyone is so lovely on the home account."

Leah Tomprefa, 42, transformed her flooded basement into incredible space with cinema, bar and games room

After a video of the basement renovation was posted to Instagram, user our_liverpool_home said: “This is the one! Nice one pal! Smashed it!”

Another user, rowanlea_reno commented: “This is the best basement space I have ever seen!”

Project_no.37 added: “Brilliant! Such an amazing space. How fantastic to have this in your house. Great job.”

Blythehouse_est2020 said: “Oh . . . wow . It’s extraordinary – a total fun-palace! My boys and husband would never leave the house.”

And heneutralhome said: “Wow everything is so perfect! I really love the bar, the wine storage and the stair ceiling .”

Offering advice to anyone who plans on taking on such a big job, Leah said the key is to have the end goal in mind.

She said: “I would say it's tough but it's totally worth it , always keep the end result in mind to keep focused and keep it in mind.

“It will always be worth it. You always regret it when you start but keep the prize in mind and in the end you'll have your dream home but you've got to plough through."

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