M&S shoppers confused by new product say it should be ‘illegal’

M&S has launched a new version of one of its iconic products but the release has caused a huge debate and left shoppers divided.

News of the latest release was shared on the M&S social media channels and soon got people talking.

Sharing a picture of what looked like two cold crisp glasses of gin and tonic, M&S revealed: “It’s here: an alcohol-free version of our ICONIC G&T can! Made in Edinburgh’s Old Curiosity Distillery from a blend of fragrant botanicals, it tastes just as good as the real thing – so you can enjoy a gin in a tin, any time you like! Where will you sip yours?”

Realising the drinks were alcohol-free, one shopper joked: “Isn't that illegal??? Should be, disgraceful!!!”

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Another said: “Alcohol free G&T. Words that should never be in the same sentence!”

And a third mocked: “Oh God. Alcohol free G & T what a travesty”.

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Aside from the jokes, some shoppers were left confused, with one saying: “Surely a G&T without alcohol is just a tonic water?” and another adding: “Just drink tonic water with ice and a slice!”

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But while some people missed the point, there were many who loved the sound of it. One excited shopper said: “At last something on my feed from M&S that looks good!”

And a second said: “Great can’t wait to try it!”

While a third thanked M&S saying: “We need more of this for those that don’t drink, are driving on a night in with friends, pregnant etc.”