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Mr Old Hall Street’s fitting tribute to friend Pete the Busker


Nov 28, 2023

A memorial event held for Pete The Busker was “a triumph for community spirit and the good people of Liverpool”.

Peter Mickle, who lived in Birkenhead, was well-known for his colourful and unique busking performances on Church Street in Liverpool’s city centre. The much-loved character died at the age of 64 in August this year.

In honour of Pete, Mathew Street’s Cavern Club alongside Pete’s good friend, Brian Phillips, known locally as Mr Old Hall Street, hosted a charity launch night for the single Living La Vida Liverpool. The song was created by magazine owner Justin Hopper alongside Latin party band Los Amigos and features Pete in the music video just a couple of months before he died.

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Thanks to the efforts of all those involved, the night raised over £1,500 for Mr Old Hall Street and the Liverpool homeless. The funds come at a time when the city is facing a homelessness crisis ahead of what is expected to be a colder-than-usual winter. Reading, Basingstoke, Berkshire

Justin, a 39-year-old from New Brighton, said: “Originally, the song was just a fun collaboration. Busker Pete starred in the music video but he sadly passed away a couple of months after filming – so that’s when we thought about doing something in his memory for the homeless.

“Mr. Old Hall Street supplied Pete with his colourful outfits and was good friends with him so it was very fitting to make this a charity single launch for them both. The night was incredible and it was a great effort all around — with over 100 people in The Cavern Club on a Tuesday night.”

Guests enjoyed a premiere of the music video followed by a live performance from the band and a comedy show by Gary Skyner.

Pete the Busker starring in the music video for Living La Vida Liverpool

Brian said: “On behalf of all my homeless brothers and sisters, I’d like to thank everyone for putting this night together. As everyone knows, I was once homeless but now I dedicate my life to helping the homeless of our city. Unfortunately, the situation is getting worse and there are more deaths happening. It will be even worse this winter so this fundraiser is coming at the right time.”

Pete’s family added: “Seeing Peter in the video was great and Gary Skyner was hilarious. We can’t thank you all enough for putting on a great night in Peter’s memory. It’s amazing what you all do for the homeless. You’re all heroes.”

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