‘Massive inequality’ in Wirral ignored in public health report

A LABOUR councillor lambasted a public health report for ignoring the big problems of health inequality and poverty in Wirral.

The annual report looked at how arts and culture can improve health and wellbeing, but Cllr Yvonne Nolan said this ignored the “massive health inequality” in Wirral.

Cllr Nolan said: “I am surprised this [arts and culture] is the issue on which you focus the annual report.

“There is massive health inequality in Wirral, we have a difference of 12 years in life expectancy across different parts of Wirral.

“There are huge issues of poverty and people living in poor housing. Those are the issues I would want to see in a public health annual report.

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“I want to know how we address those things through public health.

“So I am disappointed that we don’t have the really significant issues that impact massively on people’s lives [in the report].”

Julie Webster, Wirral Council’s acting director for health and well being, presented the report to the council’s health scrutiny committee and said she was proud of it.