Martin Lewis on how furlough scheme changes will affect workers

Martin Lewis has spoken out about the new furlough scheme changes, including his concerns for some workers.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that the government's furlough scheme is to be extended until the end of October.

Mr Sunak said workers will continue to receive 80% of their pay – up to £2,500 a month – until the end of October.

This extends the original furlough scheme to eight months since it was launched in March.

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Martin Lewis spoke out over the Chancellor's new furlough scheme changes

The Chancellor also said there will be the possibility of part-time returns for staff from August, pointing out that manufacturers have been asking for staggered shifts to reopen production lines.

The government will fund the furlough scheme, which has supported seven million jobs at a cost of £14 billion a month, until the end of July.

After that, companies will be expected to make a contribution to the payments, although the amount workers take home will not fall below the 80% mark.

Assuring employees, Martin said those who are furloughed will continue to be paid.

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Martin said: "What the Chancellor is saying is that if you work under the furlough scheme, you'll still need to get the 80% of pay.

"So even if your employer is sharing the cost, you're still going to get a minimum 80% of pay under furlough.

"I think this has probably been done now just to give people some confidence that the scheme is going to be able to continue."

However, Martin highlighted there was a gap in the furlough update with regards to those who are self-employed.

He said: "Also conspicuous by its absence, is any mention of the self-employment income support scheme, which is, of course, open from tomorrow.

"That only pays out for three months, so we have a full five months of government furlough, and only three months of self-employment at the moment.

"And then you've got the extension period, when you'll have that other, slightly changed, incarnation of government furlough and still no news for the self-employed."