Man who gets back lost phone discovers incredible selfie

A man who lost his phone up the top of a mountain spoke of his delight at finding a cheeky selfie taken by the group of Scousers who returned it to him.

Kevin Dandy, 47, from Chester was celebrating his birthday weekend with partner, Pipa Warbarton, by watching the sunrise on Moel Famau in North Wales.

They had travelled to the popular spot early to take photos and Kevin placed his phone on some rocks to take a selfie to mark the occasion.

Kevin said: “We chatted to a few people up there.

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“We saw a group of lads at the top of Moel Famau who were flying a drone. So we said good morning to them and then walked off.

“We walked down to the bottom of the mountain and got into the car.

“I went to put my phone into the hands-free and realised it wasn’t in my pocket.

“I thought 'what am I going to do?'”

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Sunrise over Moel Famau, where Kevin forgot his phone

Self-employed Kevin was panicking at the thought of losing his phone so partner, Pipa, decided to call it on her own phone to see if somebody had picked it up.

Kevin said: “My missus rang the phone and some dead cheeky sounding Scouser said ‘alright mate, how’re you doing. Where are ye?’

“He said 'Don’t worry, we saw you walk off so we’re heading down the track.'"

Kevin arranged to meet the lads to get his phone back, and wanted to reward them for their generosity.

He said: “We met up and I carry a load of McDonald’s vouchers so I said, 'Lads, I’ve got no money on me but have a drink.'

“They were like, ‘no’ and sailed past me. They waved at me saying ‘no, you’d have done the same for us’ and then they were gone.”

When they returned home, Kevin said the couple were looking at the photos on his phone and found the selfie the group had taken where they were all waving at the camera.

The group of lads from Barbers No1 in Garston stopped to take a cheeky selfie on Kevin Dandy's phone before they went the extra mile to return it to him when he lost it on Moel Famau

Kevin said: “I thought bl**dy hell, I’m going to have to find these guys.

“The more I look at the photo, and the characters in it, they looked like a warm lovely bunch of lads.

“So I posted it on Facebook to see if could find them and it got more than a thousand likes.”

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After posting the photo, Kevin was able to get in touch with the group who found his phone and thank them.

Most of the hikers in the group all work as barbers in Barbers No1 in Garston.

Jamie Karmellini, 26, is an area manager for the company and was part of the group that went above and beyond to return Kevin’s phone that day.

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He said: “It’s just mad, to us it was nothing. It was just returning a phone to someone we didn’t know who it was."

Jamie started taking trips up to Moel Famau a few weeks ago as a way of helping employees working for the company with their mental health during lockdown.

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He explained: “Me and my friends had an idea of starting a little self-development group, especially with what’s going on at the moment.

“A couple of weeks ago we went up Moel Famau to watch the sunrise and thought this is brilliant.”

As for the cheeky selfie the friends left on the phone before handing it safely back to its owner, Jamie said: “It was just a little memory.”