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  • Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Love it or hate it, major change to our streets is here to stay


May 15, 2024

Last week I wrote about street art. This week I want to write about our own treasure trove of street art around Merseyside.

Love or hate it, it’s here to stay. There is so much to see, we should have tours dedicated to the street art – if it isn’t being done already.

Apart from some of the football icons, three of my favourite pieces are Paul Curtis’s Wings, Paul O’Grady by Brezaux and the RNLI mural, Belladonna, celebrating a local hero who saved hundreds of lives by French artist, Nerone, which sits in New Brighton.

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While at New Brighton, let’s talk about the Victoria Quarter. Local businessman Daniel Davies and his Rock Point leisure team have breathed new life into the area with some amazing street art. Reading, Basingstoke, Berkshire

He’s used lots of local and international artists so there is something there for everyone’s taste. Tourists are flocking there, and spending money.

And it’s been featured across the world’s media. There is even a map to guide you around, available from the visitor centre.

Brezaux is a local boy who solidified a career as a professional artist, and more recently has embraced street art. I fell in love with his huge tribute to Paul O’Grady, down by Woodside Ferry Terminal, looking over our magnificent Mersey.

Pete with Brezaux

It was commissioned by Peel L&P and features Paul on one side and Lily Savage on the other side of the building. It really has captured my friend beautifully.

Now let’s talk about the piece of art that appeared out of nowhere in 2017 at the Baltic Triangle. It’s called simply Wings, and was created by Paul Curtis.

People flock to get their photographs taken with it, and it is now well and truly on the tourist map. And, we have Klopp on a wall not far from it keeping a watchful eye on the piece.

Some people find this form of art a nuisance and an eyesore, but for others it is a transformation and achieving huge popularity. I love most of it.

You can hear a podcast I have done with Paul and Brezaux on The Very Best of Pete Price.

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