LFC fans clean up Anfield mess after Premier League celebrations

A group of Liverpool fans have cleared up the mess left behind at Anfield after last night's Premier League trophy celebrations.

Hundreds of people turned up outside the stadium to celebrate the historic moment, despite pleas from police and Liverpool City Council for fans to stay at home.

A video shared by the council today, shows rubbish, cans and empty beer bottles left strewn across the streets surrounding the stadium.

Mark Cowell, who runs mental health support and community group Awakened Souls Events, set about organising a group of volunteers to help clean up the mess at around 9pm last night.

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They were joined by staff from LFC and Liverpool City Council who joined forces first thing this morning.

Mark, 31, told the ECHO: "We organised it last night at 9pm as soon as we saw the crowds.

"We went down to the beach this morning at 5.30am. We go at that time every Thursday and do a circuit, meditation and a cold water swim.

"Then a handpicked group of us came straight from there to Anfield.

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"The same thing happened last time after the celebrations at the Pier Head, the streets were a mess.

"It's going to happen when you win the league. It's 30 years they've waited to lift the trophy."

Mark said: "It's about bringing positive people together and setting an example for the younger generation.

"We go through the streets like an army of people."

Over the last 40 days, the group have visited postcodes across Liverpool to clean up different neighbourhoods and spread positivity.

Photos show the group clearing litter on the streets around the stadium today.

A video shared by Liverpool City Council shows the mounds of litter alongside damaged metal barriers in the street.

Mark said: "The main street wasn't too bad, I think the council must have been on to it straight away but all the side streets and roads are full of litter.

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Liverpool city council took to twitter to share a video of staff clearing up the mess and sweeping the pavements as part of a joint effort with LFC.

They said: "In the early hours of this morning, our LSSL cleanup crew joined forces with @LFC staff to clean up after the celebrations.

"We want to say a massive #ThankYou for the endless hard work the team put into making our streets clean and presentable – no matter the occasion."

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Despite the turnout at Anfield, countless fans listened to the advice and stayed at home, while others booked tables at pubs in the city centre.

The city's bars and pubs were put to the test as far as social distancing rules were concerned – and for the most part the post-lockdown system appeared to work.

There was a real party vibe around Concert Square, but no signs of trouble when the trophy lift took place.

Fans marked by their red scarves and shirts mixed with others immaculately dressed for a normal night on the town.