LFC chief exec says ‘words fail me’ on Pier Head chaos

The chief executive of Liverpool Football Club today spoke out about scenes that followed the Reds' title win last week – and said: "Words fail me."

The club gave their first boardroom-level interview since the jubilant moment when Jurgen Klopp and his team secured their first-ever Premier League crown, their first for title for 30 years.

The British-American businessman urged supporters to stay away from Anfield this Sunday, due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions because of Covid-19, when Liverpool play Aston Villa towards the end of a hugely successful season.

And he addressed the issues, both outside the stadium on Thursday night – when thousands gathered in close proximity to celebrate into the early hours of the morning – and the Pier Head on Friday evening when the situation later turned into violent disorder.

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That night, fireworks were aimed and fired at the Liver Buildings, causing a small fire on a balcony, and police officers were attacked by a small section of people.

Mr Moore warned, "People are getting infected and people are dying," and suggested supporters on Thursday had 'infected people.'

Fans climbing on the statue of Edward VII at the Pier Head.(Pic Andrew Teebay).

And he said some fans were "thumbing their nose at commonsense."

The LFC boss told the ECHO: "I get the spontaneity of what happened Thursday night at Anfield – did I like seeing thousands of people without masks, jumping all over each other?

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"Not at all.

"And, I think about how many people who were here that night that may be infected, they may be asymptomatic, so they don't know they're infected, but there were people here, the data and science would say that they are carrying the Covid-19 infection, and they have undoubtedly infected other people.

"What my concern is that, I'm a dual citizen of the United States and the UK, and I grew up in California which shut down on Wednesday, the governor Gavin Newsom shut the entire state down regards restaurants bars, non-essential businesses because of a second spike.

"I don't want that to happen here, I don't want football to be blamed, and I certainly don't want Liverpool Football Club to be blamed over any secondary outbreak.

The scene greeting a team of volunteer litter pickers from mental health support group Awakened Souls Events at Pier Head

"I, as much as anybody, wish I could have come here on Thursday night, and enjoy what has been 30 years of so close, and didn't quite get there.

"But of course, I didn't.

"Commonsense would say we are in a raging global pandemic and you don't do things like that, and so I was happy for the fans that night and sad for the images that I saw that were beamed around the world."

Police have made 15 arrests for violent disorder following troubling scenes at the Pier Head, one of which showed officers, trying to help an injured person on the floor, being shoved away by angry men before bottles were hurled at them.

Footage also showed fireworks being launched at the city's historic Liver Building, exploding close to the walls, one of which triggered a small fire which crews attended to extinguish.

Other offences included clips of men sniffing white powder off a police hat, for which the force yesterday issued an appeal for information.

Photos from last night show that large numbers of fans continued to gather at Pier Head into the early hours of Saturday morning

Mr Moore said: "Friday at the Pier Head, words fail me as regards what the outcome of what that was.

"The imagery of what we were seeing was again beamed around the world, and friends and family were contacting me as they were seeing it live on global television.

"And that is not what I want Liverpool the city and Liverpool the football club to be seen as, at a time when we should be lauded and celebrating this incredible victory, not just for winning the league, but for being the Club World Club Champions, the European Champions.

"We are in such an incredible position as arguably the best football team in the world, but what people are seeing is seeing our fans, quote unquote, not adhering to social distancing, not listening to the authorities about mass gatherings, not wearing masks and somewhat, thumbing their nose at what commonsense should be right now in the midst of a global pandemic.

"People are getting infected and people are dying."

Referring to Liverpool's game against Aston Villa on Sunday, he reminded Reds supporters: "Stay home, enjoy the game on television, enjoy this milestone season we are going through right now.

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"And please please please don't do anything that would in anyway spoil that, and something that leads to an infection and possibly death.

"And I couldn't be more serious about that message."