Latest coronavirus infection rates for Merseyside region

In one week, 173 people in the Liverpool City Region tested positive for coronavirus.

The 173 positive tests were recorded across the five Merseyside boroughs and Halton in the week ending August 12, latest figures from Public Health England have revealed.

Nearly half of all new cases were detected in Liverpool. However the level of new infections on Merseyside are considerably lower than other areas in the North West such as parts of Greater Manchester.

While this weekend saw a greater easing of lockdown restrictions, a number of parts of Merseyside saw an increase in the coronavirus infection rate in the past week.

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In the past few days, public health bosses in Liverpool announced that the community outbreak in Princes Park had been successfully contained and restrictions on the council ward area were lifted.

Despite this positive news, the latest infection rates show that some boroughs still have work to do to contain the spread of the virus.

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Here are all the latest coronavirus infection rates by council area as of 14 August. The infection rate is calculated as cases per 100,000 population:

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  • Liverpool: 10.1 (-3.53 compared to previous week)
  • Sefton: 6.9 (+3.27 compared to previous week)
  • Wirral: 3.09 (-2.48 compared to previous week)
  • St Helens: 14.44 (+11.11 compared to previous week)
  • Knowsley: 14.71 (+5.35 compared to previous week)
  • Halton: 8.56 (+3.11 compared to previous week)

The latest PHE data shows that Knowsley currently has the highest weekly Covid-19 infection rate of 14.71 cases per 100,000, which is an increase of more than five on last week.

St Helens saw the largest weekly growth in the infection rate which increased by more than 11.11 cases per 100,000 to a rate of 14.44.

Coronavirus infections also increased in Sefton to 6.9 cases per 100,000. Nevertheless, cases in the borough remain low as a proportion of population.

Wirral and Liverpool both recorded a fall in infections compared to the previous week.

However, despite the evidence of increasing infection rates in some areas, Merseyside is still well below the alarming infection rates seen elsewhere in the North West.

For example, Oldham in Greater Manchester currently has an infection rate of 112.2, almost ten times that of Knowsley.

Any borough with a Covid-19 infection rate of more than 50 cases per 100,000 is added to the government watch list and placed on red alert.