Huge Mersey waterfront rescue operation as two people in water

Two people were rescued from the River Mersey after a major emergency response at the Pier Head.

The emergency services were called out to the waterfront at around 11.50pm on Saturday following reports that two people were in the water.

The fire service launched a vessel into the water and successfully rescued two people from the Mersey. Reports suggested the people were spotted in the water near Mann Island.

A spokesman for the Coastguard told the ECHO that the two people were successfully rescued from the water. Their condition was described as "conscious and breathing" after the rescue.

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They were then passed into the care of the ambulance service, who also attended as the rescue took place.

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The fire service used their Marine Fire 1 Boat to carry out the rescue. The boat is a ribbed vessel run by the Marine Rescue Unit which is based at River Mersey Community Fire Station.

Crosby Coastguard assisted in the rescue.

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