How people in Merseyside would spend £500 voucher from government

The people of Merseyside have shared how they would spend a potential £500 voucher from the government.

The government is considering a £500 voucher for all adults in a bid to kick-start the economy.

Under the proposals, every adult would be handed £500 and every child £250 to try and help pump cash back into the high street.

The vouchers would be to spend in sectors of the economy worst hit by the current pandemic, like the arts and hospitality industries.

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The proposals were drawn up by thinktank the Resolution Foundation, who have been in talks with the Treasury.

They suggest a one-year time limit for spending the money.

The vouchers would have to be used by venturing to the high street, instead of shopping online.

But how would the vouchers be spent by Merseyside shoppers?

Many Liverpool people were keen to help ensure the survival of the arts and small businesses.

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On our Facebook page, Jennifer J Dunbar said: “I’d spent it on a few trips to the theatre to watch some musicals I’ve wanted to go to but always put it off and think ‘next time’.”

Bill Pettrey added: “I would spend all on the hospitality and arts industry that has been unfairly decimated by this lockdown”.

Lesley McAdam said: “To support small business”.

Colin Morrow added: “Local butchers and high street shops”.

Others would use the voucher for some pampering and enjoyment.

Joni Hillary said: “A weekend in a hotel and highsteet clothes shopping. I can’t afford a holiday this year so a weekend away in the UK would be nice.”

Jan Campbell-Hague said: “A makeover! Hair, nails, the works!”

Janice Clark said: “Prezzo, Ask Italian, Café Rouge, Costa, McDonald’s and Odeon Cinema. I doubt that any vouchers will let us use the individual restaurants like my favourite Chinese and Indian.”

Many wanted to treat their children with the proposed voucher.

Christine Dempsey said: “My kids x they’ve coped well with all this it would be nice to let them enjoy some family time”.

Jade Walker said: “Uniforms for both children.”

Jenny McKay said: “My children [I’d] spend £500 [on] them”.

Emily Troy commented: “Probably start planning for Christmas”.

Ann-rex Ferguson added: “Food and clothing & my grandkids”.

Lane Kendo said: “Clothes for my self and family”.

Another reader added: “If we do get this my kids [definitely] will be getting treated. I haven’t seen much of them with constantly working. Be nice to treat them”.

Kellie Cunningham said: “Clothes for my daughter she has has a growth spurt through lockdown. Also some treats for house.”

Several other readers wanted to make some home improvements, with many saying they’d spend their voucher on a new bed, oven or couch.

Jackie Cave commented: “New oven and hob and work surface and hood for my kitchen”.