Have your say on changes to Liverpool Airport flight paths

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A public consultation period surrounding possible changes to flight paths in and out of Liverpool John Lennon Airport closes on April 27.

Launched in January, the consultation, which forms part of wider plans to modernise the UK's airspace, was due to close on April 9, but was extended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Concerns have been raised by councillors and residents in South Wirral as some of the proposed change options put forward by John Lennon Airport could see an increase in aircraft flying directly over Bromborough and neighbouring areas, albeit at a rising altitude.

An option known as SID AGGER would see aircraft take off from runway 27 and fly over Bromborough at 1,000 feet before turning towards Bebington and eventually turning again.

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Wirral Globe: One of the proposed take off routes from Liverpool airport flies directly over Bromborough and turns towards Bebington a 1,000 feetOne of the proposed take off routes from Liverpool airport flies directly over Bromborough and turns towards Bebington a 1,000 feet

Liberal Democrat councillor Phil Gilchrist said: "On clear days, until the lock down, I could look out of my window and see ‘vapour trails’ from aircraft. Sometimes over a dozen.

"Below that, at local level, are the take-off and landing routes for Liverpool. Thankfully, quieter aircraft were brought in after European directives some years ago. The remaining issue is that the aircraft take off and land to fit in with the space, or slots in the air above us.

"Local people need an opportunity to judge whether things will remain the same, be better or worse, with the national shake up of flight paths.

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"Drop in consultations were never organised for people under the flight paths in Wirral. Now the consultation is ‘extended’ people need to have their say."

New Ferry and Bromborough Labour Party have also encouraged residents to view the proposals and share their views on it through the official channels.

On their Facebook page, they said: "Please take the time to complete the consultation. The plans to concentrate flights onto fewer routes could have a negative effect on residents of Wirral South and Bromborough in particular in terms of noise, air pollution and climate change."

To submit your views and view the full consultation document, click here.