Harsher punishments for selfish drivers welcome by city

Harsher punishments for selfish drivers caught parking over pavements have been welcomed by the city's pedestrians.

As Merseyside Police announced they would be cracking down on those thoughtlessly abandoning their cars, many praised the decision to slap those responsible with fines.

Officers also took to social media to shame drivers who behaved inconsiderately on Liverpool's road on Wednesday.

And the activity was celebrated by those who have experienced the bad effects it can have.

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On Facebook, Gill Marley said: "Good, about time too.

"Always a pain trying to get past with my brother in his wheelchair when cars on pavements and have to go into the roads to get pas.

"It's even more annoying when the cars on the pavement belong to a house with a driveway which is empty."

Police issued a ticket to this driver who parked across a cycle lane on the Dock Road

Margy Anne Fagan also said: "Twice in one day I had to step on a main road as cars were parked on the pavement.

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"Not fun when you have to support yourself with a walking aid, or push a child in a pram."

Sheila Tully added: "I use a wheelchair and have to frequent use the road as there is no room for me on pavements."

The Merseyside Road Safety Partnership, a partnership between the region's police force, councils, NHS, fire and rescue service and Highways England, has taken to Twitter to show the actions of the crackdown in recent days.

They posted images of a number of vehicles in the region being hit with tickets for parking on pavements and cycle lanes.

One image posted showed an expensive car parked across a cycle lane on Regent Road – also known as the Dock Road.

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The image was accompanied with a tweet that read: 'Cycle lanes are for cycles #TicketGiven."

The tweet was enthusiastically welcomed by others – including many cyclists who have seen such selfish actions take place before.

Cyclist James Maloney commented: "Great to see this finally getting enforced.

"Anyone who uses that road knows this quite common due to people stopping for the snack van – even though there's multiple side roads where there's plenty of room to park safely.

"Again, this is down to lack of education and ignorance on the driver's part."

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Another Twitter user said: "Good to see, especially on this bit."

But this wasn't the only location where selfish drivers were snared.

A car was also seen being given a ticket for parking on a pavement outside shops on St Mary's Road in Garston.

And another car was highlighted and given a ticket after its owner felt it was appropriate to park on a pedestrianised area close to the Liverpool One bus interchange.