Grim week for Liverpool as city’s coronavirus death toll hits 50

Liverpool is reeling from an incredibly tough week which ended on the city's coronavirus death toll hitting 50.

NHS England has today confirmed a further nine deaths at the Royal Liverpool Hospital Trust, which means a half century of tragedies have been officially recorded in the past three days.

The city's Walton Centre Trust has now also recorded its first death – meaning Liverpool's overall figure stands at 51.

Importantly, this number of people did not die in the past three days – this is when the sad figures have been released.

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The deaths have occurred between March 19 and April 3.

But the past few days have rocked the city – which before Thursday had registered just one coronavirus-related death.

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In reality, the city's tragic toll will be much higher – because this data only related to those who have passed away in hospital and who have been tested for the virus.

As we have reported this week, tragic scenes at the Oak Spring care home – which has been hit hard by an outbreak of Covid-19 – have seen six residents die and numerous others placed into end-of-life-care.

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These people will not have been included in the official NHS figures.

Elsewhere in Merseyside and Wirral is continuing to see a steady rise in coronavirus deaths.

A further seven confirmed fatalities today means the Peninsula's total stands at 29.

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The Southport and Ormskirk Trust – which covers hospitals in both towns – has also experienced a sudden rise in confirmed deaths being reported.

The Trust's total is now 17.

St Helen's and Knowsley Trust – which covers St Helens and Whiston Hospitals – has experienced 18 Covid-19 tragedies, while Warrington and Halton NHS Trust is on the lower figure of 6.