Girlfriend transforms man’s home into The Cavern for his birthday

A man from Fazakerley was left “gobsmacked” when he came downstairs on Saturday morning to find his girlfriend had turned their house into a replica of The Cavern Club for his birthday.

James Taylor, 38, had been complaining to his girlfriend, Leanne Martin, 37, that he wouldn’t be able to have his usual birthday tradition of spending the day at The Cavern this year.

So Leanne, unknown to James, spent the previous evening decking out their living room and kitchen into an outstandingly detailed replica of his favourite venue.

James told the ECHO : “It’s my birthday today, but usually when it’s my birthday in the week we always spend a day in The Cavern on the closest Saturday to it.

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“She was saying to me all last week, what do you want for your birthday?

“And I would just say I want to go The Cavern because I had a cob on because we couldn’t go.

“So I came down on Saturday morning and saw all this. I just stood there absolutely gobsmacked!”

As soon as James came downstairs on Saturday, he was stopped by security outside his own living room.

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He said: “She was stood in the living room door dressed as a bouncer.

“She gave me a printed off membership card from the 60s and said, ‘here you are, you’ll need that to get in.’

Leanne Martin dressed as all the characters for James' birthday including the bouncer

“I walked in and The Beatles were playing and then she went upstairs and when she came down again she was dressed as one of The Beatles.”

The photos show how James’ girlfriend, Leanne, went to extraordinary lengths to make his birthday Cavern experience as authentic as possible.

And not only did she get the look spot on she also provided the musical entertainment for the day.

Leanne Martin went to incredible lengths to recreate the surroundings of The Cavern for boyfriend James' birthday

James said: “She kept saying what’s your favourite Oasis song? And then she would come down as Liam Gallager. The same with Paul Weller, The Beatles, and then to top it all off she came down as Cilla Black!

“She would put the music on and then sing along and put on a show.

“She played a blinder there. It blew me away.”

Leanne Martin even took on the role of Cilla for boyfriend James' birthday

He told us that the couple then spent the entire day in their replica club, drinking and listening to Merseybeat music.

The legendary Cavern Club opened on 16 January 1957 as a jazz club.

Later it was the centre of the rock and roll scene in Liverpool in the early 1960s.

The club became closely associated with the Merseybeat, and most famously, regularly played host to The Beatles in their early years.

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It remains one of the most iconic venues in Liverpool and is popular with tourists and locals who love live music and the historic rock'n'roll atmosphere.

James said he was “stunned” that Leanne had been able to keep the surprise from everyone, and when they posted up the pictures on Facebook the response they got from friends and family was brilliant.

“Everyone was made up, they loved it.”

The couple have been together for six years and, James says that Leanne, who is originally from Glasgow, now sees Liverpool as her home.

“She says she’s Scouseish,” James said, adding: “she loves it here.”